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* UPDATED * Lights and Action needed!


Dirty electricity do you know what it is?  Well it is in every home, people who are aware of their surroundings are getting sick because of it!  That is now currently on line for you to see….

It’s not only the fact that

Bad!! Mercury within

Bad!! Mercury within

Compact Fluorescent Lamps cause headaches and skin problems, it’s also the fact that they contain mercury vapour, which is highly toxic to the nervous system if inhaled. (Unless you’re a conventional dentist, of course, who absurdly believes mercury isn’t harmful to the human body.)

This is why I founded EcoLEDs (, which has been selling mercury-free, eco-friendly LED lights since late 2007. But LED lights are still too expensive for most consumers, and they’re nowhere near the afford-ability of compact fluorescent bulbs.

More here

If you are interested in the UV results of the British scientists, you can check out

Click below to watch this Sundays show on line Later tonight after the west coast transmission.

16/9 Show  Watch Episode 108 and 106 fora better understanding of these bulbs

I give a sincere thanks to Ted sorry  could not  recall last name, but his question on nano probes in every products from corn to toothpaste and even paint! What we buy today is an excellent question.  Can tell you the oldest one known is Tomatoes, GMO food  and the Farmers fighting for money results in GMO it is the killing of our good food replaced with Nanos.


Bright Idea: Ban On Popular Bulbs A Turn-Off

Sky News

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shoppers are stockpiling traditional light bulbs while they still have the chance.

An EU ban comes into force on Tuesday making it illegal for retailers and wholesalers to import most of the old-style bulbs.

It means once stocks have run out, the only ones available will be the more pricey, low energy variety.

Roger King, who runs Hampton Hill Hardware in Middlesex, said: “I’ve taken orders this week for quantities in the 50s and 100s.”

“People don’t like being told what to do for a start. Many are concerned that they are not going to be able to see properly with the new type of light because it rapidly diminishes in effectiveness.”

Full article here

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