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A better Firewall *Free*


Privatefirewall goes free!

I mention this firewall cuz itis for Vista and better than Zonealarm due to the constant Ask toolbar integration.

REM only one firewall is best for your PC and a router as Hardware is suggested.

Privatefirewall has announced Privatefirewall is free of charge, without any limitations
Ready for Windows 7.

Privatefirewall multi-layered endpoint security software protects Windows desktops and servers from malware and unauthorized use. Personal firewall, packet inspection, URL filtering, process monitor, and application/system behaviour modelling and anomaly detection components stop hackers, spyware, viruses and other forms of malware before they can cause damage. – Release Notes: (posted July 27, 2009)
(Windows 7 Ready, Vista 32/64* bit compatible

* Updated firewall driver supports all OSs including Windows 7 RC1.
* Eliminated registration component and $29.95 license fee.
Privatefirewall is now free!
* Added Security Alert and Threat Management Options (see File -> Settings in Main Menu tool bar)

*Process Monitor component is disabled in 64 bit environments.

Privatefirewall is now available completely Free of Charge.

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