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Adobe Flash and Acrobat at risk: download new patch


Adobe Flash and Acrobat at risk: download new patch

By Lauren Litwinka (324 words)
Posted in In the News on August 13, 2009

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On Thursday, Chris Crum reported with that the biggest security hole on the web be a service run regularly by a startling majority of Internet users.

According to online security firm Trusteer, 80% of computers that have Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Acrobat installed on them are still vulnerable to glitches and attacks despite a recently released patch.

Trusteer regards this flaw in the system as “being possibly the biggest security hole on the Internet today.”

That 80% statistic, according to Crum, is drawn from Trusteer’s own user-base of about 2.5 million individuals that have the Adobe software installed.

Commenting on the severity of the situation, a Trusteer spokesperson told WebProNews that this widespread “penetration of Adobe Flash and Acrobat is unparalleled.”

Crum poses a question that begs to be asked… namely, if a security patch was just released by Adobe two weeks ago, why are so many users still vulnerable to such issues?

According to Trusteer and WebProNews, it’s because “Adobe just has issues with distributing patches.”

“Adobe is facing some major security challenges,” Trusteer CEO Mickey Boodaei commented. He went on to explain that a prominent obstacle for the software company is finding an efficient way to handle doling out security updates.

But the problem seems to go beyond simply poor patch circulation. Because the issue continues to persist, Boodaei suggests that “few people understand the magnitude of the problem.”

Thankfully, Crum’s article has given Boodaei the chance to spread the warning against Adobe’s vulnerable software, and generate awareness about the recently launched patch.

I sincerely pass Boodaei’s responsible call-to-action along to whomever reads this post: “We recommend that all enterprises and individuals install the latest Flash and Acrobat updates immediately.”

Click here to download the July 30th patch for Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Reader

Adobe Flash Player v10.0.32.18

First go here and folow their instructions

Uninstaller of old version is in (page is not updated yet, it is now)

Direct Download link for Firefox, Safari, Opera…lash_player.exe
For IE users:…h_player_ax.exe

Note: Uncheck any toolbar offering in the installer, it’s not needed to run/use Flash Player. Update as soon as possible to take advantage of critical security fixes. See the bulletins here

Check your version:


Adobe has released version of its Shockwave Player to fix a critical security vulnerability. According to Adobe, the critical vulnerability could be used by an attacker to compromise and take control of a users system. For an attack to be successful, a victim must first open a manipulated Shockwave file. More details about the vulnerability, however, have not been released.

Shockwave and previous versions are affected by the vulnerability. To update to the new release, users must first un-install the old player, restart their system and then install the new version. Adobe recommends that all users update to the latest release.

The Adobe Shockwave Player is a quasi-big brother of the Flash Player and includes a much wider range of functions. Typically, it’s used for more complex, interactive presentations, games and other applications. It’s likely that most users only have the Adobe Flash Player installed, which is not affected.

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