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Critical Updates!!*30-07-09* Security for your Personal Computer!1/5


Preventing Internet and Spyware Attacks

February 16, 2005 – by Ric Dörner


Internet Storm Center Infocon Status

Hohes RisikoThese guys seem to better notify the common user, just red yellow or green. 🙂

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.

Revised 31-07-09


NEWAdobe Flash Player v10.0.32.18 (page is not updated yet, get from below links)

Direct Download link for Firefox, Safari, Opera…lash_player.exe
For IE users:…h_player_ax.exe

Note: Uncheck any toolbar offering in the installer, it’s not needed to run/use Flash Player. Update as soon as possible to take advantage of critical security fixes. See the bulletins here

Uninstaller of old version is in

*PLUS* See this page for the rest of the critical *Updates*………


Click on the image below to check your computer.

Secunia Software Inspector

1. Global Privacy Settings:…r02.html#118539

Always deny or Always ask

2. Global Storage Settings:…_manager03.html

Move the slider to far left so it will show “None”Uncheck the “allow 3rd party flash content to store data..”

If any website that has flash content that need space, it will ask for your permission anyway.

3. Global Security Settings:…_manager04.html

Select “Always Deny”

4. Global Notification Settings:…_manager05.html

Uncheck the “notify me” if you do not want it to check for updates automatically.

5. Website Privacy Settings:…_manager06.html

Select always deny

6. Website Storage Settings:…_manager07.html

Move again the slider to far left so it will be “just a bit!



Don’t stop when you find the first piece of malware. It is not uncommon for a computer that has been exploited through a security flaw to have been penetrated more than once. Also, some malware opens backdoors that facilitate the installation of software that enables use of the infected computer by remote control.

Check the suggested scanners F-Secure and X-Cleaner at least, more if you find things… 🙂


Most links on this site are going to open in a new window if you just click on them, but if you press down the ball on the mouse it will open a new Tab.

Click here to find out what's running on YOUR computer!’s Security Check

F-Secure Online Virus Scanner

This summer, F-Secure Online Scanner will make that task easier. The Online Scanner checks PCs thoroughly, detecting any viruses, spyware or other malware.

The Online Scanner, used by millions of people annually, has long been a popular feature of F-Secure’s website and has helped clean up hundreds of thousands of PCs from viruses.

F-Secure’s statistics show that about 20% of the Online Scanner users do in fact have viruses, worms or other malware on their computer (not including tracking cookies). The Online Scanner is free to use for anyone concerned that their computer has been infected with a virus.

Sean Sullivan from F-Secure Security Labs says, “After you scan for viruses with the Online Scanner, it’s always a good idea to use the F-Secure Health Check tool, also free, which finds any vulnerabilities on your PC. Used together, the Online Scanner and Health Check provide a great way of checking that your PC is safe to use online.”

It is important to remember that the free Online Scanner gives a manual scan that checks and cleans the PC but does not provide automatic protection after that. To prevent a PC from being infected again, you should install a full security product with real-time protection.

Keeping your Windows OS updated has become relatively simple with Microsoft Updates.

Web browsers such as Firefox also regularly prompt for updates.

But what about the rest of your applications?

It appears that many people are uncertain if their computers are fully patched when there are third party updates involved.

Q — What can you do about it?

A — F-Secure Health Check.

Health Check is a free online tool designed to help consumers identify security updates needed on their computers.

Health Check currently requires Internet Explorer. Additional browser support will be added in the future.

The official launch page:

Click here to launch Health Check directly.


Webroot Software Free Spy Audit

By FaceTime Security Labs, makers of the X-Cleaner Spyware Remover

eTrust Pest Scanner

*If you need more sites for an online scan try these……*
kaspersky Kaspersky – Onlinescanner

A great one small file scanner
Panda Online-Scan Online-Scan (Panda Total-Scan)
ESET Online Scanner ESET Online Scanner
bitdefender Bitdefender/Online

McAfee Avert Stinger

Stinger is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system. Stinger utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed DAT files, and scan performance optimizations.

AntiTrojan Scans – Run one:new_icons_12

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

Download it directly from this page…

(Win2K, XP, 2003 and Vista)


Greetings and welcome to a

(TONS) of information site that can help you, your family and everything you do on the internet.

But please this is for personal computers only

Clean Up your computer


WARNING GIVEN BY A MICROSOFT MVP……..*This Program is not suggested by Microsoft* About CCleaner, courtesy of Sandi Hardmeier – Microsoft MVP: “Be very very VERY careful with CCleaner.

Simply do not change any checks in the box on the left!

I see no reason to load a toolbar!! be sure you do not install it!


Also note there is a few other great Programs for cleaning your computer…

Glary utilities…


ATF Cleaner….

Windows CleanUp! by Steve Gould,,,

Thank you for that cleaning first, this will assist you in what you really require and the stuff here are security programs this should ensure that the program functions the way it should. Also note these programs are being used from Win 98 to XP no problem but Ram is require best upgrade for your computer and not expensive. )


Suggested Programs running on 512MB at least!!

Click here to view full-size image.

Avast can stop viruses threatening your inbox and chat client.

Please remember there is only One antivirus for each computer! running two on the same Computer will cause trouble, same with firewall just ONE!

Winner: Avast

In a world filled with high-priced subscription-based antivirus programs that bog down your PC while protecting it, Avast stands out. This program is one of the few free antivirus applications that do as good a job as any of the big boys. Avast includes more than seven different varieties of shields, safe-surfing tools, and real-time virus protection for your OS, as well as for Outlook. The program downloads and installs updates automatically, and Avast works with both Windows Vista and XP. Given all this, why pay?

ZoneAlarm This free firewall still beats anything Microsoft puts into Windows, including the features in Windows Vista. It offers outbound as well as inbound protection. BE sure Not to add the OPTIONAL TOOLBAR!!! There is a toolbar app inside the exe from zonelabs, Please Uncheck it!! no need for such an obscure item!

There is an issue with the new antispyware SpyBlocker/ Toolbar in ZA Free XP/2000 – only.

We highly recommend to users of the products by the said vendor to ALWAYS check for updates. Their programs is not in any way bad but we do not want users to be at risk by installing a toolbar that has questionable reputation. Unchecking the installation of the toolbar is easy but NOT ALL USERS are advanced users. There are thousands of BEGINNERS that can fall into installing a questionable toolbar and most of this million beginners DO NOT know that it is NOT necessary to install such toolbar to operate the program.

Image Hosted by

ZA zonealarm automatically disables windows firewall good thing but remember this when your uninstalling it too.

Please remember there is only One antivirus for each computer! running two on the same Computer will cause trouble, same with firewall just ONE!


Microsoft Windows Defender

Though not everyone is a fan of Microsoft’s antispyware program, we love some of its tools. We’re particularly fond of the Software Explorer feature, which lets you disable programs that launch on Windows startup.

Spybot Search and Destroy

Spybot-S&D 1.6.2 is finally ready, available starting today on the first mirrors, with more becoming available as they’re added.

We still adore this perennial favourite. But remember — since no single antispyware program can detect and kill all spyware, Spybot should be just one piece of your security arsenal. Now with rootkit detection.

by Zeljka Zorz – Monday, 29 June 2009.

Spybot – Search & Destroy can detect and remove adware files and modules from your computer. Spybot also can clean program and Web-usage tracks from your system. Modules chosen for removal can be sent directly to the included file shredder for complete elimination. It also allows you to fix Registry inconsistencies related to adware and to malicious program installations.



Safe Computing Tips

    Install and use an anti-virus program and keep it up to date. Always use up-to-date anti-virus software that is capable of scanning files and email messages for viruses, worms and Trojan horses. This can help prevent your computer system and files from being corrupted or lost. A variety of anti-virus software packages are available on the market today and many of these products install anti-virus updates automatically, as long as you have the update feature enabled. Avast

    Use a personal firewall. Any computer or device connected to the Internet that is not properly protected may be vulnerable to a variety of malicious Internet intrusions and attacks. A personal firewall can help protect you from intrusion because it creates a barrier between your computer and the rest of the Internet. A number of firewall solutions are available in the marketplace today. They can be a hardware device, a software application or a combination of the two. Most firewalls can be set up to alert you if anyone tries to access your computer system. Online Armour *or* ZoneAlarm

    Use strong encryption. The stronger the encryption your Web browser uses, the more difficult it is for intruders to intercept your online activities. It is recommended that you ensure your browser supports at least 128-bit encryption. Firefox optional NoScript

    Use unique passwords and change them regularly. Always choose unique passwords that are difficult to guess. Longer passwords that have eight or more characters and mix letters, numbers and special characters are much more difficult to figure out than shorter, more straightforward ones. Don’t share your passwords, use different passwords for different accounts and remember to change them regularly. try this site for better Passwords, always keep your user name and password together for each site! Password generator.

    Keep security patches up-to-date on your computer. After software has been released, security holes or bugs that may have been missed prior to its release are sometimes identified. Most major software companies today provide software patches or updates to address these issues. It is important that you regularly visit your software vendor’s Web sites and stay informed of any security related patches and updates they provide. Evaluate these updates and install them as necessary. Windows Updates *AND* Secunia PSI!

    Be aware of the risk posed by installing software or files from unknown sources. Avoid downloading programs and software from sources you are not familiar with and don’t download or use pirated software. These programs may contain viruses or other malicious code that could cause harm to your computer or be used to steal private or confidential information like account numbers and passwords. These programs may also come bundled with other programs that you may not be aware of. Programs such as spyware and adware may also be simultaneously installed on your computer for the purpose of tracking and reporting on your computing and browsing habits. It is important that you read the terms and conditions that come with any program or software carefully before installing it on your computer.


    EULAlyzer™ 2.0Analyze license agreements for interesting words and phrases!

    License agreements can be a pain and a bore, but not reading them can be dangerous.

    EULAlyzer makes it all easy – download today!

Spyware Blaster:New Version 4.2 on 10-04-2009

    SpywareBlaster 4.2

    Prevent the installation of spyware and other potentially unwanted software!

    Download the latest SpywareBlaster version and you’ll be secured by the most powerful anti-spyware protection solution anywhere!

    by Zeljka Zorz – Friday, 3 July 2009.
    Click the above heading to see the full article!  8′)

    “SpywareBlaster prevents the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, adware, dialers, browser hijackers, and other potentially unwanted programs. It can also block spyware/tracking cookies in IE, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, and many other browsers, and restrict the actions of spyware/ad/tracking sites.

    SpywareBlaster also includes a System Snapshot feature, which lets you take a snapshot of your computer in its clean state and later revert, undoing many changes made by spyware and browser hijackers.Prevent the installation of spyware, malware, and other potentially unwanted software!”


Please Note…

There is a total of five pages to securing your computer, this is page one, Page 2 Has the Hosts file page this is really good to have but it is your choice, Page 3 Informs you as per step For each program I suggest looking at least! Page 4 is about email, other things you could do Plus HIJACK THIS how to. Page 5 is more upon how fast malware changes. Thanks for coming and reading. * Use the roller button (middle of your mouse) to open any link on your browser to open a NEW TAB )


Firefox 3 is a stability and security update to Firefox 3.0.0.x.!!

If you have not downloaded it yet what are you waiting for? Goto and check your versions Be sure to check Thunderbird’s too!

Securing Your Web Browsers document

Do not forget NOSCRIPT!!

    • Improved sensitivity of ClearClick ClickJacking protection (thanks Eric Lawrence for report).
    • Experimental X-FRAME-OPTIONS compatibility support.
    • Page-level Script Surrogates.
    • Customizable Script Surrogates to seamlessly replace blocked code and improve out-of-the-box site compatibility (Google Analytics surrogates provided by default).
    • Evernote Web Clipper compatibility.
    • New exclusive protection against JSON and E4X hijacking.
    • Improved compatibility with some Amazon, Smugmug and Ebay features.
    • Anti-XSS filters performance optimizations.
    • Support for the Fennec Alpha 2 mobile browser.
    • Several improvements in blacklisting mode: even if whitelisting is still the recommended safest mode, you can use Allow scripts globally and still block sites you mark as untrusted. More important, you can still enjoy full Anti-XSS protection or be protected against ClickJacking and JSON hijacking even while you’re keeping JavaScript allowed everywhere.
  1. NoScript V. 1.9

    Main good news:

Updated translations Für Andere Sprachen!!

x Fixed about dialog size to correctly show contributor list in any language

Click on your Firefox “tools” ADD ONS and update!!

Same with your Thunderbird some ADD ONS may require updating!


Wichtiger beratenden: Du bist stark gefördert, um die Verbieten Flash, Verbieten Silverlight und Verbieten anderen Plugins Einstellungen des NoScript Optionen | Plugins Bedienfeld, um zu verhindern, Angriffe auf bekannte und unbekannte Plugin noch Schwachstellen wie die Zeit genutzt QuickTime Fehler in der Wildbahn. Sie werden weiterhin in den Genuss von multimedialen Inhalten Stücke auf vertrauenswürdigen Sites oder es ihnen ermöglichen, individuell, wie hier erläutert. Da ich bin ernsthaft Schiff nächsten NoScript Versionen mit diesen Optionen standardmäßig aktiv, Kommentare sind sehr willkommen

I suggest getting it Directly from them using….

Direct download


Greetings everyone, It is time you become familiar with RSS! For I am having troubles keeping you all up to date by this one page, so I just enter a new blog and you will see when something new appears to view it and or simply do it.

RSS a wonderful explinantion about RSS 2.0 from Harvard Law. For the use Firefox quite simple really just use this symbol []

You can merely add it as a bookmark but then you must click it each time to see if there is something new, I prefer the RSS feed but then also Thunderbird woks great also! The picture below should assist you to easily keep up to date. God Bless!

I have left the First Pic so you can configure your Thunderbird (suggested) for RSS feeds.  But those of you using your browser, there was a annoyance with the one i had suggested so I now have the resolve….


REM click on Picture to make Big.

Much Better RSS Inf


Please Read STOP ? THINK ? CLICK7 Practises for Safer Computing, here:

Stop-Think-Click--Top 8 cyber security tips


Prevx CSI – FREE Malware Scanner

Prevx Computer Security Investigator (CSI)

Totally FreePrevx CSI for business can be used free of charge in low volume (up to 250 PCs) by business users and large enterprises, subject to a simple registration process.Updates from the program )


Belarc Advisor

The Belarc Advisor displays a detailed profile of your installed software, hardware and vulnerabilities in your Web browser.

Click here to download a free copy for personal use.

The Belarc Advisor is not permitted to be used for any commercial purposes.Belarc Advisor Security Advisor installs the latest version of the Belarc Advisor’s security definitions which includes all Microsoft security bulletins through


How does one get rid of a possible, Bot, computer take over, zombie or my computer is not working for me not accepting what I tell it to do. Hackers and spammers may be using your computer right now. They invade secretly and hide software to get access to the information on your computer, including your email program. Once on your computer, they can spy on your Internet surfing, steal your personal information, and use your computer to send spam — potentially offensive or illegal — to other computers without your knowledge. Computers that are taken over this way often become part of a robot network, known as a “botnet” for short. A botnet, alsoknown as a “zombie army,” usually is made up of tens or hundreds of thousands of home computers sending emails by the millions. Computer security experts estimate that most spam is sent by home computers that are controlled remotely, and that millions of these home computers are part of botnets.Spammers can install hidden software on your computer in several ways. First, they scan the Internet to find computers that are unprotected, and then install software through those “open doors.” Spammers may send you an email with attachments, links or images which, if you click on or open them, install hidden software. Sometimes just visiting a website or downloading files may cause a “drive-by download,” which installs malicious software that could turn your computer into a “bot.” The consequences can be more than just annoying: your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may shut down your account. It can be difficult to tell if a spammer has installed hidden software on your computer, but there are some warning signs. You may receive emails accusing you of sending spam; you may find email messages in your “outbox” that you didn’t send; or your computer suddenly may operate more slowly or sluggishly. Botnets are not inevitable. You can help reduce the chances of becoming part of a bot — including limiting access into your computer. Leaving your Internet connection on and unprotected is just like leaving your front door wide open.The FTC encourages you to secure your computer………….

Read more Here………………..


Now that you have done all the updates needed, we could attempt to close a “few more windows” so bugs won’t come in.

John has created a great document on this topic.

So there is no reason why you would not connect to his site. And over look it anyway.

Hardening Microsoft Windows – STIGS, Baselines, and Compliance


Got a weird file you want to check?

Perhaps an email attachment you feel is suspicious? and you want to check it with more than one AV?

I would use this Site *OR* try this Site to check the file or any files you may suspect suspicious.

Remember the programs I suggest are free, I would not rely totally on them, but rest assured they will help to prevent infections. )

The security experts at Agnitum have put together a ‘Top 15’ of Internet security questions you should be able to answer correctly if you really want to be safe when you’re online.

Ready to check your Security Wiz rating?

Click here to go to the Wiz Quiz.


The Webpage links spoken of,

Russ Harvey Consulting for the internet services that are suggested…

This is the page I began the discussion with.

Defending Your Machine, here:

REMEMBER if you leave Windows open the BUGS come in ;)

Though viruses and worms put the data in computers they infect at risk, an equally serious problem is that many infections continuously broadcast network requests or attempts to find other vulnerable computers. In this way, infections perpetuate themselves, and their collective broadcasts can result in the large-scale traffic that comprises Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.what is that? Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)Unfortunately many of the people whose computers are infected just don’t realize this problem. They may be casual computer users who don’t have anything “confidential” on their systems and therefore don’t see a need to protect it. They don’t realize that their systems can be co-opted to compromise the security of the internet at-large. If you are reading this, Chances are you are familiar with issues pertaining to computer security. But what about your friends, neighbours and family? Is their anti-virus software up-to-date?Have they applied O.S. patches? Are they behind a firewall? Do they know enough *not* to click on unknown attachments or not to install dubious software?


Back to the

Meeting Page


There are 5 in total for you to read at your leisure

Updated* Security for your Personal Computer!1/5

*NEW* Security for your Personal Computer! 2/5

*NEW* Security for your Personal Computer! 3/5

*NEW* Security for your Personal Computer! 4/5

*NEW* Security for your Personal Computer! 5/5


See anything that you think requires my attention? I have changed some things due to your requests, If for any reason you have not heard from me please scan your computer with the suggested programs above. Thanks for I do always reply, but the mail has to reach me first. Good Luck.Well then feel free to click on image. I will respond either soon or immediately!rad16.gifTruth is the way things are.

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