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The Nation’s Deathbed: Press for Truth!


Today in the news:The Nation’s Deathbed: Watch it now!
The Nation’s Deathbed is now available on Youtube

The Sites below do need Script.

Recent News:
“United We Fall” – A new film on the agenda for a North American Union
Nation Wide Canada Day Event!
Press for Truth interviews ex MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon
George Bush and Bill Clinton Invade Toronto
Leader of the Canadian Action Party Dr. Andrew Moulden discusses the North American Union
A Voice for Canadians: Richard Syrett
Dan Dicks: Exposing The New World Order Agenda
The Obama Deception: Watch It Now!!Canadian Military Units To Undertake “Domestic Security”There are big things in store for Canada
An Interview with Allan Gotlieb on the North American Union
“Father of the Amero” Herbert Grubel speaks about a common North American currency
Press for Truth confronts Paul Martin on Bilderberg and SPP
Radio personality Mark Bills, host of “Rude Awakening” interviews Dan Dicks from Press for Truth about “The Nation’s Deathbed”

Steve Davies and Dan Dicks appear on news talk radio CFRB1010 on “The Richard Syrett Show” to discuss “The Nation’s Deathbed”

Canada-EU trade proposal rivals scope of NAFTA

Symbolism in Downtown Toronto

Vijay Sarma of CKLN radio interviews Dan Dicks from Press for Truth about Aleister Crowley and Rock music

Canadian ISPs Plan Net Censorship

Press for Truth covers Bilderberg meeting (2006)

Stop the SPP/NAU 06/14/08

The Key to Liberty: Self Sufficiency Through Community Currency

Is Stephen Harper preparing for War?

Big Business, BIG Winner at SPP Summit

North American Union Summit continues in secrecy

Finger Scanning: Get’em While They’re young

$24B Spent on Security in Canada since 911

New Documents reveal North American Union PR Campaign

Big Brother rides the TTC

Canada in Afghanistan: The new Conquistadores

The coming North American Union: Canada,U.S. agree to use each other’s troops in civil emergencies

Military integration in preparation for the NAU

Canada’s secret war in Iraq

Vicente Fox wants NAU and World Government

We Are Change confronts Fox on NAU

Protest against the SPP and NAU is Tomorrow!!

RCMP Caught Keeping secret files on Innocent Canadians!

Germany becomes the First Country to admit Clandestine Chemtrail Operations

Scapegoats to take fall for 911

The official story of 911 is falling apart

Canadian terror scare and mainstream media

U.S. says Toronto boy not too young for Guantanamo Court

Your Papers Please: Starts Today!!

Education and the Illuminati

Mark Emery and the integration of law in preparation for the NAU

It’s an RFID world

B’nai Brith praised Ottawa for pulling out of UN conference

Face recognition firm to launch web service

Tax on T.V. and video games?

Will the economic crash wake people up?

2 arrested in Bhutto assassination plot

Canada takes Israel, U.S. off Watchlist

Timeline of progress towards a North American Union

The Surveillance Facebook

Verichip Launches Xmark

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