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*Updated* Rev. writes of ID chips

I am not deceived.

North American Union: Implanting microchips in national ID cards
Mexico Prepares its Citizens for the Grand Merger into the NAU

by Rev. Richard Skaff from Global research

In this era of enhanced foods, enhanced bioweapons and WMDs, enhanced vaccines, enhanced military strategies, and enhanced interrogations, come enhanced driving licenses.

Many of us have sincerely hoped that these technological advancements and alleged enhancements would eventually rub off on ethics in government and business. We also hoped that the Obama administration would create a new government division led by a new “Czar” to deal strictly with ethical issues. Unfortunately, we got instead Obama’s futile and pricey “Czars “R” US,” and a prospective enhanced driving license, which justifies the existence of a costly and useless Homeland Security Department (The Orwellian ministry of lies).

With a magical microchip, the wizards of our corporate government have suddenly created a new world that is easily monitored, controlled, and manipulated.

An enhanced driving license will contain the infamous microchip called “RFID” for radio frequency identification. These microchips can track the proles everywhere they go. Having them inserted into a driving license is the prelude to the eventual implanting of these microchips into the bodies of every human being, which many Christians believe it to be “the mark of the beast.”

RFID works on a deceptively simple principle. An object is implanted or “tagged” with a small computer chip. The chip is monitored wirelessly by a “reader” that identifies its unique signature, and whatever information is on the chip is automatically stored in a linked database. What makes this different from classic “bar codes” is that the data storage capacity for RFID enables each and every tagged item to have its own unique identifier, whereas the bar code system has one code for an entire class of item. [1].

Enhanced driver’s licenses have these built-in radio chips providing an identifying number or information that can be accessed by a remote reading unit while the license is inside a wallet or purse. The technology already had been implemented in Washington State , where it is promoted as an alternative to a passport for traveling to Canada . So far, the program is optional. But there are other agreements already approved with Michigan , Vermont , New York and Arizona, and plans are under way in other states, including Texas.[4].

On July 28, 2009, President Felipe Calderon proclaimed that Mexico will start issuing nationwide identity cards for its citizens starting this year and by 2012 everyone will have one.

The cards will carry the bearer’s photograph. It will also include information on fingerprints and biometric data, including facial and iris scans, on a magnetic strip.

Most Mexicans currently use their voter ID cards for identification. These cards which contain a photo, signature and one fingerprint will continue to be issued. [3].

Interior Secretary Fernando Gomez Mont said on Tuesday July 28, 2009 that the new cards will help in the fight against organized crime, and ensure transparency in government aid programs. [3].

Ironically, the Good Samaritan government of Mexico did not realize that drug traffickers frequently use false identification documents to evade law enforcement. The Mexican population like a good sheep heading to the slaughter house will follow their Mexican leaders into perdition.

It is difficult for people to take a political stand when they are starved and impoverished as in the case of Mexico and many developing countries.

Not surprisingly, Mexico will be fully ready and microchipped by the time the North American Union is fully operative.

Katherine Albrecht’s radio talk show host, outspoken activist (active in the and websites) and RFID nemesis, had Michigan State Rep. Paul Opsommer on her radio program in February of 2009, who said that the government appears to be using a national anti-terrorism plan requiring people to document their identities as they enter the United States to promote the technology.

“The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative was just about proving you were a citizen, not that you had to do it by any specific kind of technology.” He also added, “We are close to the point now that if you don’t want RFID in any of your documents that you can’t leave the country or get back into it.” In addition, Opsommer stated that his own state sought an exception to the growing federal move toward driver’s licenses with an electronic ID chip, and he was told that was “unlikely,” because “They were trying to harmonize these standards with Canada and Mexico [so] it had to apply to everybody.”[4].

Many countries besides the Security and Prosperity Partnership members have jumped on the RFID bandwagon, which has become a multibillion dollar global enterprise.

On July 15, 2009, the Indian government announced that India is going to issue biometric ID cards to its 1.2 billion citizens. The Government in Delhi recently created the Unique Identification Authority, a new state department charged with the task of assigning every living Indian an exclusive number. It will also be responsible for gathering and electronically storing their personal details, at a predicted cost of at least £3 billion. [2].

Compulsory national identity cards are used in about 100 countries including Germany, France, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain.

German police can detain people who are not carrying their ID card for up to 24 hours.

South Korean, Brazilian, Italian and Malaysian ID cards contain fingerprints. Cards in some countries contain information on any distinguishing marks of the holder. In the European Union some cards can be used instead of a passport for European travel. ID cards are not used yet in the US , Canada , New Zealand , Australia , the Irish Republic , and the Nordic countries. [2].


Is the implanting of microchips in national ID cards and eventually in humans the mark of the beast, or is it a clear sign of corporate greed and government tyranny?

Do you feel safer now since governments (including our own) are and will be in total control of your movements, purchases, and whereabouts like a good father or a big brother who is looking out for the safety and well-being of his poor, vulnerable and helpless younger children?

Man’s self-awareness, narcissism, and intense need for self-preservation have compelled him to sublimate and suppress his own evil. Evil deeds are not foreign to human nature, despite our psychological defenses that range from denial to repression and sublimation. You only have to look at wars to realize that “Evil is the true human nature.” That is the main reason why religious leaders and their cohorts of government demagogues have used fear and control throughout the ages to allegedly tame the beast in their populations. Sadly, they have purposefully forgotten to tame themselves, knowing well that one beast can never tame another, and realizing that their willful venture is specifically choreographed to dominate and exploit the rest of the herd.


1. All Eyes On You How Spy Chips Are Quietly Reshaping Privacy., December 15, 2005

2.. India to issue all 1.2 billion citizens with biometric ID cards.  Times online, July 15, 2009

3. Mexico to issue citizens national identity card. Associated Press, July 28, 2009

4. Life with Big Brother. http://www.WorldNetDaily, February 28, 2009.

Urgent action required!

Visit for more details   On August 9th and 10th, the leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico will be meeting in Guadalajara Mexico to discuss progress on the Security Prosperity Partnership (SPP). Canadians know nothing about this meeting let alone the SPP. That’s because the people behind the SPP would like to keep us all in the dark.

Following the shock of 9-11, right wing political and business leaders have pushed the Security Prosperity Partnership. Negotiating away from public scrutiny, they say it is the way to keep trade flowing between the United States, Canada and Mexico.  The North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), made up of thirty of the largest corporations in North America, are deciding how to harmonize regulations and standards between the three countries without any involvement from groups representing citizens, labour or the environment. The SPP process has by-passed the parliamentary system, there has been little media coverage and no public debate about whether this is a good thing for Canada.

The SPP undermines our democratic rights and the ability of our elected representatives to pass laws and regulations that safeguard the environment, protect workers rights and control the economy in the interest of ordinary citizens.  The SPP threatens the sovereignty of all three countries through the deep integration of military, security structures and regulatory regimes.  Our Parliamentary democracy could become an empty shell.

In May, I attended a Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce luncheon with American Consul General Phillip Chicola. I asked him whether President Obama was going to continue with the Security Prosperity Partnership model of deep integration with only the large multi national corporations involved in the process. His response was that Obama might change the name but the process of deep integration would continue in its current form.

President Obama promised in February 2008 that all future North American leaders summits “will be conducted with a level of transparency that represents the close ties among our three countries,” and that he “will seek the active and open involvement of citizens, labor, the private sector and non-governmental organizations in setting the agenda and making progress.” Stephen Harper has made no such commitment and the SPP summit is veiled in secrecy again this year.

At the 2007 SPP summit in Montebello Quebec, I marked the occasion by videotaping three undercover police officers with masks, rocks and bottles trying to incite violence and posted it on youtube. The video became an international news story but the SPP was still not properly discussed in the media.

This year I am marking the SPP summit by launching a mini-tour in the Maritimes of my recently completed feature length documentary ‘You, Me and the SPP: Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule.’ Two years of research and interviews provide the in-depth information that Canadians need to understand the SPP. A retired elementary school teacher on the no-fly list, a citizen charged for refusing to fill out the census because the world’s largest arms manufacturers Lockheed Martin is involved in the process, a mother of twins trying to avoid contaminated products, and a laid-off mill-worker all bring the SPP to a personal level.

“If Canadians knew the extent of the Security Prosperity Partnership, they’d reject it. That’s why the process has to take place behind closed doors.” – MP Peter Julian, quoting the Council of Chief executives representative at an international trade committee meeting in 2007.

‘You, Me and the SPP’ is screening

August 10th in Charlottetown at Theater D – Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI 7pm

August 11th in Moncton at Studio 700, 700 Main St. 7pm

August 12th Halifax at The Hub, 1673 Barrington St. 7pm.

August 13th Mabou, Cape Breton at Mabou Senior Citizens Lounge – Birch Street 7pm

Admission is free at all screenings. I’ll be there to answer questions after the film. You can see the trailer on my website at Please pass the info about these screening on to anyone you know in the area.

How will you mark this year’s SPP summit?

Please consider writing a letter to Industry Minister Tony Clement (, Prime Minister Stephen Harper (, International Trade Minister Stockwell Day (, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon ( and your MP to let them know you oppose the SPP model of North American integration and will not tolerate our leaders re-starting it in Mexico this August. Please also consider writing a letter to the editor of your local paper. You can find a list of editors and a sample letter on the Council of Canadians website at

In Solidarity.

Paul Manly

Global Research Articles by Paul Manly

Do your part. Spread the word. Press for Truth.
See this Page Posted long time ago regarding these very matters…….

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