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Canada’s Gas Retalliation Group! Finally!


FuelTribe launches Canada’s first and
only gasoline buyers group, enabling consumers to join forces to battle unfair
gas prices. is the product of ordinary working people, who grew
frustrated by their lack of buying power with fuel vendors. They realized that
as long as they are treated individually by fuel vendors, they have little or
no influence over the price of gasoline.
They believe that, if they were to approach a gasoline vendor as a group,
their influence could not be ignored. “ allows consumers to use
their collective buying power to negotiate a price reduction in their gasoline
purchase” said Morgan Archer, FuelTribe’s Membership Director.
Using annual buying power as leverage, FuelTribe will represent members
interests by negotiating a reasonable discount at the pump.
ABOUT FUELTRIBE INC. is Canada’s first and only online gasoline buyers group
formed by people frustrated by the volatility and unreasonableness of fuel
prices. It is not affiliated with any gasoline vendors.

For further information: Penny Archer, Media Relations, email, (905) 817-9871 phone

The Price of the Barrel of Oil should DIRECTLY reflect the price you pay per Liter So if the Barrel price is 48.00 then you should pay 48 cents per Liter.
Now see how they are Ripping your hard earning Money from your pocket? Sure the financial troubles of the world caused the barrel to drop but this let them widen the difference of the price you pay for Gas.

This could be a potential Group that may bring Canada a better Gas pump Price, I encourage everyone to tel everyone to register. ūüôā

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