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Mutti, Oma, Und unser beste Freund!


Ich Misse Dich SCHON!!

Tonight May 05 2009 A remembrance service will be held at the New apastolic Church on Margret Ave in Kitchener located on Margret Ave.Kitchener Central

Kitchener Central

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Welcome to the website of our Kitchener Central Congregation! Of prime importance is the teaching of our faith and the loving of the souls. The Congregation is made up of a variety of nationalities and provides a warm and loving environment for children, youth, single adults, families and young-at-heart seniors. Our musical programs (choirs, orchestra, etc.) provide an opportunity for the very young and those not so young to use their talents and enjoy the fellowship.

A warm, hearty welcome is extended to all (old friends and new friends we have yet to meet) to come and participate in any of our Divine Services and/or activities.

160 Margaret Avenue,
Kitchener, ON N2H 4J2
Kitchener Central

7-9 PM closing with a small gathering for Mom tonight in the basement.

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