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News articles from around the internet
– New World Order
Corruption –

Like bad gas, carbon tax lingers

(April 13th, 2009) Schreiber vs. Mulroney resumes this

(April 13th, 2009) Former N.L. minister
Byrne should go to jail:

(April 7th, 2009) The quiet unravelling
of Canadian

(Toronto Star – April 4th-2009)

Muzzled MPs. A powerless cabinet.
Politicized senior bureaucrats.
Unaccountable parties.
Canada’s democracy is in trouble. To
fix it we have to connect the dots

Former Scarborough mayor, Liberal MP quietly
resigns from Superior Court bench for
proven misconduct
G20 leaders pledge
$1.1 trillion to usher in ‘new world
Galloway roars, live
from N.Y.

Banned politician assails Canadian minister in speech to
Toronto rally after injunction bid fails

BMO caught up in AIG bailout probe

Could lead to U. S. attempts to claw back funds
Canadian Arab Sues Govt Zionist Whores Canada’s
corporate crime record gets a boost
Arabs Denounce Zionists

Featured Canadian website – news & views

We are here on this earth to live, learn, know truth and act in the name of humanity. We are witnessing a fundamental lie perpetrated on the human race. Not just Americans or Canadians. This lie is a global and there are many levels. Our mission is to communicate the truth.
Exposing 9/11
Architects & Engineers Prove The World Trade Center Was Blown Up
The World Trade Center Janitor Exposes The Bombs
Alex Jones Explains The Evil

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