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Peace movement condemns Kenney’s attack on free speech


Oh Canada!! Who voted this twit??  Seredin Canadian government has welcomed a genocidist George W. Bush. Canada does not allow a humanitarian like George Galloway to speak there. I am disgusted to say the least.

British MP George Galloway will challenge ban at Canada-US border

Organizers of the four-city speaking tour of British MP George Galloway condemn the decision by Immigration and Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney to block Galloway from entering Canada. Kenney has banned Galloway because of his opposition to the war in Afghanistan and has labeled him a threat to “national security”.
“This is a full frontal attack on free speech in Canada , and one that all supporters of civil liberties must challenge,” says James Clark of the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, one of the groups organizing Galloway ‘s tour. “Kenney’s ban is an unprecedented move to censor someone whose views are critical of our own government’s foreign policy. We will not accept this ban, and we plan on challenging it.”
Organizers will continue organizing the four events in Canada where Galloway is expected to speak: March 30 in Toronto , March 31 in Mississauga, April 1 in Montreal and April 2 in Ottawa. Organizers are encouraging the public to continue buying tickets to show their support for free speech.     “One way or another, we will bring George Galloway to Canada,” says Laith Marouf, National Branches Coordinator of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights. “We have already been overwhelmed by messages of support, and we’ re currently planning a delegation of MPs, lawyers and activists to escort Mr. Galloway from the US across the Canadian border. We will challenge this ban directly.”
Organizers will host an emergency planning meeting on Sunday, March 22 at 3pm at the Ryerson Student Centre at Ryerson University in Toronto to prepare a pan-Canadian campaign to defend free speech and to reverse the ban. A media conference will be held on Monday, March 23 in Toronto (details to be announced) to launch the campaign.

Click the Picture below to see a bit more on why…. (People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people)


This treatment of George Galloway from Canada needs to be addressed

Our own Parliament needs to get involved
George Galloway does not pose a threat to anyone
The only people threatened by him are the ones that
do not want the truth to be heard
We all need to show our contempt to this ridiculous
decision please pass this on and join the cause

This story is beginning to make headlines:

News Update:

1. MP Olivia Chow, and the New Democratic Party have made a statement on Galloway’s exclusion: … ree-speech

2. Watch George Galloway’s interview on the UK’s Channel 4


3. The Toronto Star’s article on today’s events

(don’t forget to leave a comment)

4. George Galloway on The Hour (a couple years ago):

What can YOU do?

1. Sign the petition

2. Contact MP Jason Kenny who is responsible for this decision and let his staff know of your outrage.
Call and insist they take your information down (don’t let them hand you off to a voice mail).

3. Contact the press and the media , write a letter to the editor.write to your MP anyone that will listen demand a response.

Even if you don’t agree with George Galloway’s viewpoints, this is a matter of freedom of speech.

4. *** Invite your friends, and get them to invite their friends. ***

5. write to who will listen this is taking someones freedom of speech away from them in the pretence of a ridiculous charge inflicted upon him.

6. George Galloway took on the US Senate so Jason Kenney watch out.

This is critical for the success of our group. Please, please, please take 10 minutes to invite your friends (all of your friends) to this group.

If you have more time, take a few minutes to get your friends who are already invited to ask them to ask their friends!

To everyone, thank you for joining and supporting this cause

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