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Tues Jan 27 2009 Budget is released


Tomorrow the Federal government will officially release the details of the most highly anticipated budget in Canadian history.  Now, after months of political drama and speculation, the real question is what the new budget will mean for Canadians.
Beginning at 16:30 EST
On, a live video stream of the budget presentation will be available on the site from   4 pm to 4:30 pm ET
For online coverage, visit

Everyone should consider some time to watch this yourself and find out what it means to you, what the budget will mean for your families, jobs and economic well-being.
This is a budget that will assist us thru this depression or if your really thing Canada’s economic pressure is not globally influenced then I suggest you keep reading all that is posted here in this blog.  For there is a small group that has implaced this so we come crying to them, well I do not wish to see this happen and I can assure you do not either.

Or one could simply watch this movie.  No sound just read it first…… Die Geschichte in Deutsch mit Bildern English und Deutsches

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