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World War Three? Since When Exactly?


We Have been at war far too long, many people killed cuz of what exactly?

Since 2001 people are dying due to a False injection of a thought pused unto you! Yes a way to influence you we are at war, for what to minimize population?, greed for domination, to create a power to rule the world?

NATO is seeking a world policing role – in the service of the New World Order whose governmental organ is the UN. Furthermore, NATO is now advocating  preemptive nuclear attacks without UN approval!!

It might look as though NATO and the UN  have struck a deal on control of the planet – without asking us!

For a long time already, we have been seeing how NATO exceeds its  competencies – on the Balkans, in the Middle East and Afghanistan, becoming an aggressive in stead of a defensive pact. Probably, Iran is on the list – and now Pakistan, too, presumably, which seems in dissolution, so that her nuclear weapons might fall into the hands of terrorists!! All in the name of war against terrorism, which has increasingly been abandoned in Europe, which is left to the shock waves of a never ending Muslim immigration: Occupation as no go zones of parts of our cities, daily shooting in the streets, rapes, knife stabbing, brutal violence, mockery at the native populations. This does remind of the visions of the Albert Pike illuminati working programme.

It seems clear to me that the war against terrorism is only a pretext for the New World Order  in order to subjugate it under its corporate state and government.
I suggest you see the last 5 minutes of this horrifying video.

Even the justification for the war, 9/11,  is apparently a scandal.
Here is a site with many videos, with a lot of relevant questions, which the U.S. refuse having answered through independent investigators.

The corporate New World Order tries to scare us into in their dictatorial World Republic:
1st Through the war against terror, which – by their own unlimited immigration –  they have paved the way for – and apparently by 11 Sept. they have themselves  given the incentive for it..
2nd The man-made climate lie, which all reputable scientific evidence speaks against, but which will in 2030 cost 200bn dollars a year – unless a big economic crisis puts an end to this madness.
3rd Their self-made financial / economic crisis to  compel us into their world currency. Already Barroso asserts “British of importance” to be in favour of joining the euro. In Denmark Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen is said plan a referendum on Denmark joining the euro – which is unlikely given too little parliamentary support for it.
4. Expect a new crisis just after Obama takes office – as guaranteed by the coming Vice-President Joe Biden , here (video) and former US secretary of State Colin Powell. Probably this will involve a new energy crisis at least due to the situation around Iran and Pakistan. How will an offended, suspicious Russia react in that situation?

Again the argument will be: ”Gobal problems (which the illuminati are continuously generating) can only be solved on a global (UN/ and now NATO) basis!”

Read more here….

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