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ANOTHER ELECTION? I think Lets! no people will be happy till they are placed by Us!!!



3 December 2008
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will address the nation at 7:00 pm ET.

I have had it all those Do Do’s trying to run our country are failing sadly!!  This should not really be such a big issue But knowing the genius of the group, Get ready for another election!!


Well the dramatic cost cutting to the parties as our elect wants an election cuz their pockets are being hurt?  The Global Crisis does include those in office!!  grow up elected people, This is called Canada’s cost cutting needed well look into it further.

Get ready Canada there is much work to be done for this coming election!  Do It Now!!

Read this for Today….

As has been said many times in the last week, it is hard to imagine that Canadian politics could be so exciting. What began in Ottawa last week has completely overshadowed the appointment by president-elect Barack Obama of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. It all began when the Conservative government, in presenting an economic update, tossed in a couple of other bones. The Tories decided to do away with taxpayer subsidies to political parties that currently amounts to $1.95 for each vote obtained in the last election. The Tories also added, for reasons probably known only to them that federal civil servants would not be allowed to strike throughout 2009. These matters, especially the removal of party subsidies that would cause the least hardship to the governing Conservatives, so incensed the opposition parties that they began talks of forming a coalition that is capable of governing after next Monday’s confidence vote.


And this post….. waiting for more news yet……..

The Liberals were applauding the NDP, the Bloc were applauding the Liberals – it was a strange scene.

The House was full to the rafters. The Conservatives actually teased opposition parties to stand and applaud other opposition leaders. During question period, the Conservatives placed an emphasis on a coalition formed by “socialists and separatists.”

Running over to the national press office to try and get certification for the coalition conference, the buzz was all over the Hill.

I’m having a “Coalition Party” with a friend now. Everything is up in the air now, which is strange given the key word – stability.


Click Here to come to know a lot more on this Very issue!

Dr. Andrew Moulden is a candidate for the Canadian Action Party in North Bay. Andrew openly speaks about the dangers of vaccines, 911 truth, NAU/SPP and many other issues that the establishment refuse to acknowledge.

Click the above picture to see how Canada will no longer exist with his govenment.

From CAP Page…….

Dear Canada;

You will believe me, I hope, when I say I love this Country.

Please accept this email as my first official correspondence as the new leader of the Canadian Action Party- “CAP”.

To those that have cast their faith and vote behind my name, I graciously thank-you for your individual and collective endorsement. For those who preferred another leader, I graciously respect your decision and sincerely request your continued support for the Canadian Action Party –I genuinely intend to earn your trust and faith with time. For those Canadians yet to hear of CAP – welcome. We have been waiting for you.

The Canadian Action Party was formed in 1997 by former deputy Prime Minister Mr. Paul Hellyer who served under Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Mr. Hellyer was also associate minister of national defense in the cabinet of Prime Minister Louis St Laurent, minister of national defense in the cabinet of Lester B. Pearson, and in the 1949 Federal election he was the youngest person ever elected to that point in time to the Canadian House of Commons.

CAP is first and foremost a Nationalist party that envisions Canada as an altruistic produce of Canadians, for Canadians, and not the malleable property or implement of foreign interests.

CAP stands alone on the Canadian political scene as a party committed to Nationalism, Sovereignty, and independence of our Nation from multi-national forces intent on exploiting, controlling, and decentralizing Canadian autonomy for corporate rather than domestic benefits and agendas.

As CAP leader, I am entrusted to carry your message forward as we build, solidify, and expound CAP policy, member recruitment, retention, support, and reclamation of our nationhood in ownership, care, control, and right to self-determination.

Please note that I am firmly entrenched in the portfolio of “for, by, and of the people.”

I am also entrenched in the genuine need and deep respect for every human being. This respect extends to differences in language, values, thoughts, beliefs, orientation, origins, religion, and socioeconomic status within society as a whole.

We all deserve tolerance, respect, forgiveness, compassion, value, and the right to be heard whether our opinions are mainstream or divergent. It is our individual differences that define us as a Nation

These are trying times for our nation and the globe.

As many of you are keenly aware, the very fabric and life-force of our nation, on multiple spheres, is under direct, subversive, intentional, attack.  In many respects, our elected officials remain complicit with the varied forces that seek to control many nations in contemporary society under a singular “world order.” These lofty goals are neither new nor unique to the 21st century.

The same international “groups” have been manipulating international affairs towards their own skewed views of security and prosperity for the few, at the expense of the security and prosperity for the many, for many centuries. In recent decades, these corporate agenda’s have become apparent to many of us.

Three organizations are paramount to non-nationhood agendas. This includes the Council on Foreign Relations, centered in New York City, the Bildebergers, the most exclusive and secretive of the three, and the Trilateral Commission. The Security and Prosperity Partnership of the Americas, officially launched in 2005, is a constitutional progenitor of the multinational organizations intent on steering Canada towards assimilation of our nationhood.

The trilateral commission uses political leaders, corporate executives, and trade agreements to unwind the sinews of democracy and substitute a re-incarnated feudalism of the elite. This is transferring the power of the state to a close-knit band of individuals who recognize the power of ideas, propaganda, and finance. This power is used for self-serving goals. Call it what you will, the result is willful enslavement of nations to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

Non-nationalist agendas are globally active. The latent manifesto of prosperity for the few is silently woven into Canadian society, laws, and regulations. Incremental changes to our national identity transpires within board rooms, conspires with heads of state, is buried in trade laws, touted as security and prosperity partnerships, and sold to the public as deep economic integration.

We are lulled into believing changes are necessary based on global events that are commercially crafted by those who puppet our democracy, economy, and free will. Behind closed door meetings, with negligible accountability and transparency, latent agendas subvert nationalism and bypass the will of the people.

Multiplicities of foreign agendas are at work. These agendas are adorned with a kaleidoscope of colors that have no Canadian hue and darkness is presented as light. Annexation is on the horizon. Canada is well on the way to becoming an empty shell with an assimilated identity that defiles us all.

The greater good has become an empty euphemism.

The principle of “do more good than harm” has been lost in corporate board rooms.

The notion of helping one’s fellow man become better has been replaced with “how can I become better than my fellow man.”

The ideals of  “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” has become “do unto others what you will, as long as you come out ahead.”

The notion of spirituality, enlightenment, and democracy has been replaced with materialism, indignation, and latent imperialism.

Canada has no ambition to acquire more territory, or to interfere with other nations or their governments. Yet we have become territorial, and participatory in world affairs that defies our peace keeping personage.

As a nation and a species, we have lost faith; we have lost hope; we have lost each other; without faith, without hope, without each other, we remain lost.

The Canadian Action Party is committed to restoring hope, faith, and to becoming “one another.” CAP truly is the only Canadian ship at sea that is positioned to chart a course and rescue line to a country that is sinking fast by multi-national forces that are luring us into treacherous waters by design, deceit, and injustice.

Justice is about equal rights, the correct distribution of resources within nation states, the equality of all before the law, and respect for one another. Justice recognizes the right of every one to tranquility, peace, dignity, and value as individual human beings.

We are meant to be free from intimidation, double standards, coercion, usury, discrimination, disease, war, and terror.

Justice demands equal access to science, technology, and health products with applications in medicine, industry, and energy. Protecting market share and corporate bottom lines hinders ethical access to innovation and self-care.

Humanity has longed for the day when justice, peace, equality and compassion envelop the globe. All of us can contribute to the establishment of such a world.  All peoples and all nations are entitled to equal rights, peace, morality, security of the person, the right to worship according to personal religion, and the expectation that we will not be exploited in unforeseen ways.

The world is bereft of justice and absolute peace. Life can be nasty. Life can be brutish. Life is short. This is not how it is supposed to be. This is a product of what we do to each other in self-serving attempts to “get ahead.” We have been forced into this state of affairs by relinquishing control of our Canadian currency in 1974 to a trade-fiat stealth intent on maximizing personal profits. CAP stands to re-claim this control, immediately, as Canada’s top priority.

“Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes the nations laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred responsibility, all talk of sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.”

-Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, who nationalized the Bank of Canada in 1938 –

The subjugation of our sovereignty cuts across every fabric of Canadian life as we know and define it. Some are fearful. Many are oblivious. Some are enlightened. Some do not care. Those who speak up are called conspiracy theorists and radical. Those who remain silent are patronized unknowingly.

As a rational human being, I attempt to follow science and reason to truth based on observation and fact finding. With sincerity I attempt to refute any evidence that falls before my observation and mind’s eye.

With certainty, I can definitively state, we are not being told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth across multiple areas of contemporary society and current world events.

This is not conspiracy or paranoia. This is capitalism without satiation. This is ownership of media by the hands of the few. This is mass propaganda. This is selling a story so that we give up our common sense and right to self-determination to support a course of action that has been painted for us so that latent goals of others are achieved by our own “free will.”. This is commercialism. This is manipulation. This is mass marketing. This is fear-mongering. This is erosion of nation states. This is anti-competition. This is capitalism crossing the line from benevolence to malevolence. This is pathological. This is control of the infrastructure and political heads of State.

This is a small, multi-national, self-appointed, elitist group that shapes the fabric of global affairs in ways most do not appreciate. This group can be defeated.

We were not meant to be ruled but to live in harmony with one another across a shared journey and unifying gift – we call it life.

The international forces that seek to consume nation states represent the hub of a wheel from which many spokes emerge. As leader of the CAP party I recognize that the central wheel hub is greater than the sum of the parts. To lay claim to the “hub” of this wheel, it matters not onto which radial spoke we latch. It matters that we grab hold and follow at least one of these spokes to the central hub before it is too late.

One cannot advance forward unless a “beach-head” is established on the terrain one seeks to emancipate. There are certain “spokes” in this globalization wheel towards which I am well positioned to lead us. Others are better qualified to follow other spokes inward to the same destination.

It matters not how we get to the central hub of globalization, or for that matter, on what specific issue we trace, as there are many. It matters that we arrive in the middle, “set up a perimeter”, and march forward from within to claim that which we are soon to be without – our sovereign state in care, control, and ownership.

There are means and methods to cause this oppressive “wheel” to implode once we breach the central hub. In some respects, this is like landing a force on the beaches of Normandy. CAP is the first wave. CAP is the only Canadian political ship afloat pointing in the right direction. We need all the support we can muster to land this CAP ship firmly on target. Once we land, I assure, reinforcements will come starting with 308 CAP electoral district associations Canadians must create.

As we move forward together I wish to assure all that CAP remains an effective vehicle, and perhaps the only sociopolitical vehicle, that is committed to re-claiming our country and defending our way of life through truth, reconciliation, and courageous resistance to the transnational corporate occupation of Canada by a globalization, financial, and trade-fiat stealth.

Our current affairs are cogently summarized by the founding father of CAP, Mr. Paul Hellyer:

“The new world order without borders will be like a zoo without cages. Only the most powerful of the species will survive. Canada will not be one of them.”

As your duly elected leader, with servitude, conviction, humility, steadfast determination, and national pride, I have no intent, whatsoever, of standing idle in fear or subjugation as the future of our nation is bought and sold behind closed doors. Through deceit, misinformation, or misguided goodwill, it matters not whether these forces are intentional, malicious, self-serving, or part of an elitist or corporate plan.  It matters that we are aware that these forces are at work. It matters that we unite as a nation to defend our Canadian way of life. It matters to the globe that a G-20 nation shows the world that democracy and unified citizenry is more powerful than the forces that seek to enslave us.

The forces that challenge Canada are challenging other sovereign states. We are all challenged, as individuals, to stand up, stand guard, stand united, and stand-off. Canada can be saved. Canada can stand united. Canada can become a beacon of hope, for Canadians, and for the world at large.

We are Canadian. Our country needs us. The future depends on us. We are an Action Party. It is time for action. Silence and surrender is not an option. No one is going to rescue us. We must fend for ourselves as our forefathers before us to defend our country and way of life.

Please consider this introductory note as my collective call for Canadian action to “Save Canada” from the free-trading one-world government forces that are usurping the economic, social, political, environmental, health, wellness, education, ownership, and sovereign status of our nation.

We are a country of 30 million souls. We are in a cage-match for the survival of our nationhood. Our way of life, right to self-rule and national identity is threatened. Groups that have no claim to our nation by blood, birth, immigration, sweat, equity, accountability or transparency have us in their cross-hairs.

We are being bought, sold, and traded in free markets that we are told are for our own security and prosperity. This is not true.

The security and prosperity is for those that are capitalizing on our nation’s wealth, vast resources, goodwill, and exploiting the monetary systems we have willingly surrendered to private control for the past 34 years.

Government has remained impervious to re-claiming control of our nation’s currency.  This inaction has taken our national debt from 18 to 588 billion dollars in three decades. Each of us work three months, per year, to pay compound interest, for the use of our own money when our governments can borrow from our own Bank of Canada and simply pay our nation this interest rather than the private banking cartel.

Whether we accept it or not, we are enslaved. Remarkably, we have freely chosen to remain enslaved. CAP is the only Canadian vehicle, with a platform, to free us all.

Poverty is rampant. Health care is a sickness model. World economies are out of control. Unrestrained profiteering is not a cure. Industry seeks market share over market solutions. Our nation has freely chosen to remain in a compound interest usury based debt trap that we can readily extricate ourselves from and return to a balanced budget. Monetary sovereignty is the key to everything we hold dear in Canada. CAP has answers. CAP has solutions.

CAP has the resolve to implement what our government refuses to do. Under section 18(J) of the Bank of Canada Act we return to loaning our governments money and paying ourselves interest rather than borrowing from, and paying private banks/investors a compound interest debt that can never be repaid.

With vigilance, perseverance, commitment, and your personal and fiscal support, I am confident, on multiple levels that we have arrived at a turning point in history. A paradigm shift is in the works. CAP, remarkably, is well positioned to be the “David” in this Goliath-like battle to re-direct the reigns of this paradigm shift to the hands of the Canadian people and the children of Canada for all tomorrows.

As leader of CAP, and your voice by extension, I am confident we can re-claim what our forefathers have created.

Canada is a country for, by, and of the people. We are the people. The future, and the global paradigm that emerges, can become the new world anything; however, rest assured, whatever title the globalization forces adopt, as a party, and with your support, the future will never be anything less than: the New World Order plus Canada. This is where we start, as a Political Party, in our journey to come, and in my election to leadership of CAP.

Thank you for your appointing me as your leader.

In the months and years to come, we will show each other the weapons with which to fight back, how to use these weapons, and on whom to use them in order to end this attack on our nationhood. As Sun Tzu says in The Art of War, “one able to gain the victory by modifying his/her tactics in accordance with the enemy situation may be said to be divine.”

Our entire free-enterprise system and way of life is at stake. This is no game. They are playing for keeps. No one can just sit by and let this happen. Divine inspiration is within you all. We have a fleet to build and a political party well-suited to the task.

CAP will become self-sufficient; of this I am most confident. Our CAP ship is at sea and in battle. Our logistical support remains intact. Our base remains formidable. Our national executive remains committed. Our political party has survived. You have placed me at the helm. All of you are the stars that guide our course. Our ship needs fuel. For now this means donations. Every red cent counts. Every membership renewal fortifies our resolve. Every pledge is a rivet that binds us as one.

Please add to our fuel with anything you can contribute, be this volunteer time, resources, or the financial “fuel” that sustains us and places much needed wind in our sails.

The maximum allowable donation per individual is now $1100.00 due to election Canada revisions and allowed adjustments. No corporate contributions are allowed from big or small business. Please consider donating the maximum allowable if you can per year and help us bring real democracy back to Canada. We are committed to helping Canadians realize their goal; we need Canadians to maximize our ability to achieve it.

Revenue Canada allows up to a 75% tax credit on your Personal Income Tax Return, for donations to a Canadian political party. So for example, a donation of $50 would actually cost you only $12.50; $100 costs $25, and the maximum donation of $1100 will give you credit for $825 at a cost of $275.   Every donation, of any size, is a vote of confidence to achieve our collective goals for our nation.

CAP is your ship. I dawn the captain’s “CAP” as per your national leadership majority vote on Nov. 8th, 2008. We will set sail together and build a vociferous and poignant national fleet. With your immediate support, with anything you can provide, we will make this ship battle-ready and we will set sail together to re-claim all our country is destined to be.

We are determined to retain our administrative anchorage. We require your donations to secure this one critical piece as we transition our party to the victories and battlefields that beckon our collective voice and action.

As a sextant for one “beach-head” on the horizon, I welcome sharing this small piece of an email I received by one of my international medical colleagues two days ago:

“Andrew, in terms of the interventions you have and case studies of recovery. I have considered approaching the drug companies and explaining this work. They are fighting lawsuits and settlements every day. As you surmised and experienced they are not receptive.

Andrew, we are setting out to change the face of the world. This concept you now have in medical discovery and biophysics is the grand unified theory and this is the Holy Grail in Medicine. No one wants to know that all the time and effort and money they spent to learn medicine was wrong.

I am sure you have heard of the hundredth monkey syndrome. What isn’t known is that on each island there were some monkeys who never did start washing their food. They were the old bull monkeys. Once you have reached a critical mass of awareness, the tides of change will occur.

Focus on the awareness. This is key to success, in all spheres, least of which is the medical solutions you now have. A paradigm shift will come. Be patient. Be humble. Be succinct. Be exact. Be truthful. Be careful not to tell them too much else you will be taken advantage of. This is a fine line. Divulge enough to engage help but do not reveal all. You now have keys to effect changes needed for the betterment of all.

We are already in battle for the gateways to come in monetary reform, health, wealth, spirituality, international affairs, truth, accountability, transparency, environmental protection, militarization, and sovereign control of Canada, for ourselves, our children, the future, and the globe. Please take this moment to renew your CAP membership and support us with anything and everything that you can.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: It remains self-evident that all peoples are created equal in dignity and value, that they are endowed by their Creator ( with certain inalienable rights (, that among these are life, liberty,  security of the person, and self-direction within the laws.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

We have the right of enjoying and defending our lives, sovereignty, liberties, and pleasures; we are entitled to freedom from oppression; freedom from usury; freedom from discrimination; freedom from deceit; freedom of acquiring, possessing, and protecting our property; freedom to stand up for our citizenry whether they recognize the need for protection and whether they appreciate that our actions are designed to protect them from forces they do not see.

CAP is a party that seeks to obtain our safety, security, happiness, and prosperity for one and for all. CAP is a party by the people, of the people, for the people.

We are the Canadian people, in name, languages, spirit, integrity, multiculturalism, ethnicity, heritage, dreams, duty, honour, and the First Nations peoples whose land we have turned into our collective home. Our country, and our legacy, by national anthem and by decree, is destined to be and remain “true, north, strong, and free”.

This country, in “true patriot love”, is our land, in ownership and control. The entire nation, including the printing and issuance of our own currency, belongs to the people of Canada, and none other. The rights to self-govern, control our rich resources, and borrow money from ourselves belong to Canadians and not corporate elite intent on turning our Parliament buildings into a personal board room or 5 star hotels.

We have the right to demand truth and reconciliation on questionable world affairs that commit our military forces to overseas duties. We have the right to demand investigation of world affairs that are relied upon to ultimately rob of us of entrenched charter of rights and freedoms under the guise of “security, prosperity, multi-national agreements, and trade laws.”

We have the right to refuse to be drugged or vaccinated against our will. We have the right to decide how we wish to direct our own health care freedoms of choice and access.

We have the right to access freedom of information databases intended to keep the actions of government accountable and transparent.

Canada is a nation that the world respects. We must respect the world in return and recognize that what makes us strong and free also makes us vulnerable to multinational forces that wish to possess and control our nation from behind unseen curtains. These puppeteer hands achieve goals that  usurp power from our democracy, elected leaders, bureaucrats, and key areas of industry that are not always in the best interests of Canada or other Countries.

There is much truth that is in plain sight yet invisible to many eyes. There is hope and a way out of the trajectory our Nation is charting towards World Government and a North American Union.

The time for truth and reconciliation is fast approaching. The nation is soon to appreciate they have been manipulated, in profound ways, poisoned, and that we have placed our trust blindly into hands that do not have our best interests at heart. When this day arrives, CAP will be well positioned to bring many that have been floundering at sea on board. This “day” has begun.

Oh Canada, it is with misappropriated trust in our fellow man that we place ourselves in the hands of multinational groups or anyone else for that matter.

It truly matters who actually owns, and therefore controls enterprise, utilities, industry, resources, currency, social programs, legislative amendments, and regulatory bodies that issue decrees that become binding on our State.

There is nothing the world can provide or threaten to justify relinquishing our Nation.

Care, control, ownership, security, prosperity, and partnership must remain Canadian, or we are not Canadian anymore.

We have the right to define the future for ourselves rather than allow the future to define us. We must chart our own course rather than assume we have no access to the helm or control over our ultimate destination.

What’s been pillage and plunder for big corporations and private investors has been bad news for Canada and the public good. Our resources and the environmental laws are under threat. Our public services including health care are being cut and privatized. Our jobs and the promise of a living wage are being eroded. Our post-secondary students enter a debt trap. Our seniors are struggling. Large contingents in communities are one pay check away from homelessness.

We willfully give away tens of billion dollars in interest payments to privateers annually. If private institutions will lend our government money, then there is no reason why we cannot lend money to ourselves. Canada now uses the bank of Canada to finance only about 2% of the nations needs. The rest is borrowed from private banks at high compound interest rates.

We freely choose to incur serious debt and pay our tax dollars in “service” charges to people wealthy enough to be loaning the government money – rather than using our Bank of Canada and lending to ourselves.

Paying others for the use of our own money is irrational. This is willful repression of the good will and valuation of the nation state. This is usury. This is volitional. This is a core section of the central wheel hub we must breech. This is greed.

Security and prosperity partnerships, free trade agreements, and multi-lateral agreements on investment, negotiated in secret, represent a charter of rights for large corporations which undermine the ability of countries and citizens to govern themselves. Insatiable profit for the few is not a cure for the many.

Deep economic integration is at work with harmonization of policies and regulations that govern the foods we eat, the items we buy, how we live, the laws we abide by, the rights and freedoms that define us, the borders that contain us.

A new North America effectively erases the border between Canada and the United States in the interest of trade north of the border, security concerns south of the border, and access to cheap labor south of the United States.

We will not survive this insatiable onslaught from the for-profit sector. Resources are limited. We survive and prosper as a species or we falter as Nations. We are faltering. If Canada falls, then no nation is safe.

That we think we are winning by accumulating more possessions or stature than our fellow man is a self-serving illusion. This is what makes us vulnerable to the multinational forces that prey upon our Nationhood. Therein lays yet another chunk of the hub of the wheel we must breech.

We are either fending for ourselves, or we are fending for one another. The former is elitism, the latter is Nationhood. Your decision on this fundamental question, as individuals, and as a society, defines the trajectory our Nation aspires to in path and destiny.

The pervasive notion that nearly one Canadian in two expects Canada to become part of a North American Union is a dereliction of the honor and reverence owed to the men and women who have given their lives, in war and peace, to defend our Nation and the sovereign status of other Nation states.

Why is this happening?

Trade agreements prevent us from selling our energy resources at rates lower than we sell them in the U.S. We also can’t ever cut back on the proportion of energy we produce, or fresh water we export to the United States, even in times when our country runs short. Multilateral agreements are being forged that locks future generations into this subversion for decades to come.

We are being successfully sued, under trade Laws, for not allowing foreign corporations to gain access and ownership of our national resources and social programs. Our laws are successfully challenged by foreign corporations that have more rights in our country than our citizens and elected officials – free trade.

The supranational sovereignty of self-appointed corporate, world-banking and intellectual elite is most definitively not preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.

An educated, mobilized, unified, participant society is the only means to defeat those that seek to consume our country and other sovereign nations for personal profit under the guise that we need help. We do need help. We need to help free ourselves from slavery and usury.

We need to stand up, stand out, and stand off. We must help each other.

The legacy of fallen Canadian leaders demands this out of a sense of love. Love for one another. Love for the country. Love for the dignity of our collective will being greater than the sum of individual parts.

It is foolish to place ourselves in the hands of anyone other than ourselves – especially when we do not have to.

Through unity, not division, we will become better. Through courage, not fear, we will grow. Through action, not inaction, we will build. Through deep faith in one another we will zenith. Through our common identity, with humanity, we can tell the world “we can all withstand threats to our nature and our nationhood by living in harmony, within our means, in peace and prosperity, as determined from within and neither imposed nor usurped from without.”

I sincerely and graciously accept the CAP party collective vote and your faith in my assuming leadership of the Canadian Action Party. I will not falter in this responsibility. We intend on re-claiming our home and native land.

I am just a mortal man. I am no greater or lesser than any one of you. We are part of something grander than ourselves. We call it Canada. Our Canada is mortal, wounded, and a vehicle to liberate us all.

Our country is in peril with loss of autonomy, lyrics, and national song.

This is no Captain von Trapp sound of music serenade to edelweiss. This is our national anthem to be sung as a defiant statement of Canadian patriotism by us all in the face of “New World” plans to enslave our maple leaf.

Failure is foreign to my will. We will triumph as individuals, as a political voice and force as we chart a radial course back to our intended destiny as a strong, free, and sovereign nation.

Canada was destined to become a beacon of light to the world. The time for penetrating darkness with light is now. CAP is your lighthouse. The time for Canadian Action is now.

When you do for those who cannot do for you it al comes back to you. So give yourself away. Cast out with hope, for the Canadian harvest to come.

Please stay tuned for truisms, plans, and CAP actions to come.

Please support us in any way you can as we transition our CAP party to new docks and a rejuvenated birth as per your will and shining stars of hope, heed, help, and faith in one another.

In 2000 we gathered from coast to coast united in grief to say goodbye to our 15th Prime Minister of Canada – Mr. Pierre Elliott Trudeau. “He left politics in 1984. He came back for Meech Lake. He came back for Charlottetown. He came back to remind us of who we are, what we are capable of, and what being Canadian represents to the world. He kept his promises to our nation. He earned his rest. He is not coming back. It’s all up to us – all of us – now.”

These were the words of Pierre Elliot Trudeu’s son, Justin, in eulogy to his father on October 3rd, 2000 at Montreal’s Notre Dame Basilica.

Prime Minister Trudeau encouraged all to believe in ourselves, to stand up for ourselves, to know ourselves and to accept responsibility for ourselves, our Nation, and our future. His symbol was the rose. Our Nationalism was his budding legacy. Today, multinational thorns are threatening 30 million rose buds across our Nation, maple leaf and flag.

The future is now. We no longer need believers. We need doers in stance, knowledge, responsibility, and action, CAP membership, commitment, and support.

We can neither hide from our Nationality nor stand idle as we lose what our forefathers bequeathed us.

As a Nation, and a political movement, we would like to be left alone, to organize and conduct our own affairs, as we see fit. In reverence to our fallen leaders, men and women in uniform alike, we are a Sovereign Nation, of Canada, for Canada, by Canada, because we are Canada, and Canada is neither for sale nor subjugation.

You believe me, I hope, when I say I love this Country. One man’s love is not enough.

CAP believes that a better Canada, and a better world, is possible. Please join us as we re-claim history, our future, our love, our National pride, for ourselves and one another.

Becoming the change you want to see in the world starts at home. Our Canadian home, strong and free, needs us – all of us – now.

Once we take care of ourselves, and each other, the rest of the world will follow – by our lead and by our example.

CAP Canada from within or allow Canada to be capped from without. You have a choice and a Canadian Action Party that beckons your “rose” and your soul on behalf of a dying nation.

We welcome new members to the CAP family.

Become the maple in our Canadian leaf with hope, faith, conviction, patriotism, participation, unity, determination, resolution, and pride.

Please share this message widely and freely.

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Andrew J Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD
CAP Leader – 2008
Nov. 25, 2008

From the President of the National Executive – Paul Kemp

There are ten steps, or stages, to the evolution of a practical and efficient form of representative government, and these are:

1. Freedom of the person. Slavery, serfdom, and all forms of human bondage must disappear.

2. Freedom of the mind. Unless a free people are educated — taught to think intelligently and plan wisely — freedom usually does more harm than good.

3. The reign of law. Liberty can be enjoyed only when the will and whims of human rulers are replaced by legislative enactments in accordance with accepted fundamental law.

4. Freedom of speech. Representative government is unthinkable without freedom of all forms of expression for human aspirations and opinions.

5. Security of property. No government can long endure if it fails to provide for the right to enjoy personal property in some form. Man craves the right to use, control, bestow, sell, lease, and bequeath his personal property.

6. The right of petition. Representative government assumes the right of citizens to be heard. The privilege of petition is inherent in free citizenship.

7. The right to rule. It is not enough to be heard; the power of petition must progress to the actual management of the government.

8. Universal suffrage. Representative government presupposes an intelligent, efficient, and universal electorate. The character of such a government will ever be determined by the character and caliber of those who compose it. As civilization progresses, suffrage, while remaining universal for both sexes, will be effectively modified, regrouped, and otherwise differentiated.

9. Control of public servants. No civil government will be serviceable and effective unless the citizenry possess and use wise techniques of guiding and controlling officeholders and public servants.

Intelligent and trained representation. The survival of democracy is
dependent on successful representative government; and that is
conditioned upon the practice of electing to public offices only those
individuals who are technically trained, intellectually competent,
socially loyal, and morally fit. Only by such provisions can government
of the people, by the people, and for the people be preserved.

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