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Best seen Now, The actual amazing show is done


NOTE I did my best with getting this out as soon as I could, here it is, This site may self destruct after Thurs Noon!

Well I hope you learnt a whole lot like myself, so I am glad you caught the show.  I hope you did sign up for her emails at her site if you have not I suggest you do.  really worth while.

from George Washington’s Blog…………………

Experts Warn of Food Shortages

The headline of an article on Bloomberg warns Food Prices Will Rise, Causing Export Bans, Riots.

Leading economist Nouriel Roubini warns of possible food riots.

The Financial Times points out that farmers rely on credit, and credit is drying up.

One of the top experts on derivatives, economist Nassim Nicholas Taleb, warns
that supermarkets may not be able to borrow against their inventory, and will thus be forced to shut down.

I hope they’re wrong. But when experts like Roubini and Taleb warn of a potential problem, I have to listen.

Alex has been saying this for sometime now!!

Now you should, ACT! Do it Now, but listen to this video of this video there is lots here pay attention to this broadcast……….

Her site is….

See this site also for a bit more info….

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