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Great he is Free But why Held with no evidence?!


qaThis is a blatent outrage!!

Never would you do this to anyone! Outrageous!

Reporters Without Borders is relieved to learn that Iraq’s central criminal court yesterday dismissed all charges against Reuters photographer Ibrahim Jassam and ordered his release. Jassam has been held by the US military at Camp Cropper, near Baghdad airport, since 1 September.

“We are pleased by this decision, which restores Jassam’s rights, but we wonder how he could have spent the past three months in detention in the absence of any evidence against him,” Reporters Without Borders said. “Dozens of journalists have been arrested by the US military since the start of the war in Iraq but none of them has ever been convicted by a court. Jassam must be freed at once and his release should mark the end of arbitrary arrests of journalists in Iraq.”

Reuters news editor-in-chief David Schlesinger said: “I am pleased to learn that a court ordered Ibrahim Jassam released as there was no evidence against him. I hope the US authorities comply with this order swiftly to reunite him with his colleagues, friends and family.”

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