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What about the year 2012? What do you think?

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  1. Little Angel permalink
    26-11-2008 15:13

    Jesus will come like ” a thief in the night ” so no one know exact day. There is many prophecies pointing to year 2012 . 100% the end is near so ….be prepared !
    Yes you are right about politics but there is more important thing – as nothing can save as there is only one way – Jesus !
    So be ready when time comes will be a rupture and many will be expecting it, but only few will be taken! As nothing what is unclean will no enter !
    God want his bride to be clean and holy with lamps full of oil of Holy Spirit submerge in His love .

  2. 26-11-2008 15:31

    Your so right, thank you…..Only our Lord our Creator knows the time, But with the prophecies he gave we know the time is near, with two weeks or so the black horse will show his way, all I am saying is many know of the Mayan calendar but I cannot say one way or another it is correct. they followed the stars. God said the stars may help you but in the end every star from heaven will fall, because His way is the ultimate. ūüôā

    Thank god for Christ who allows us to seek Him for Salvation.

    Thanks for your input.

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