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Change Firefox Home Page or Pages


Hohes Risiko

Firefox 3

Good day!  Update….

I have noticed many people finding this post,  If your Firefox is changing your homepage automatically I would really look into why.

One, see if you have the laest and Best version fiefox as of today Nov 18 the version of Firefox is 3.0.4 the 2.*** is apparently being phased out. So get the Firefox three seen above.

Your home page may not be what is changing… Look in the Address bar where you will see (……) what is written is the domain here the extra words behind are the different pages forat this domain. So what I am saying is, the page might not be changing, it might be the site, so check what is writeen behind the “”http://”

I had written this page to help a friend sometime ago, if it it assists you too that is wonderful, If you have more questions there is a comment box below to say something you wish.  8)

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Ok now think about a Page that you see everytime your on the internet, I would suggest something other than, msn, aol, rogers,yahoo,or symapatico pages, everyone who connects to the internet the first time and know little about computers will connect to these pages!!  If your not stopping certain items from connecting to the internet you will be slowly getting itmes you do not wish if you connect to the “Defaut” page.

So now think of another page to start with.

Ok open a tab for this very page. and open it. [To open, click on “File” then New Tab *or* Ctrl + T]

Do what is here below. to this point!>. /_/

Changing a Home Page In Firefox is done like this 1. click on the “tools word in Firefox.


Now click on the word “options” to get another window just like the one shown below….FF2

Now see Main click there ! to see the page you see above. Now 2 is where you can change the home page….

Now you can close this page if you opened the “tab” to get your often viewed page. to this point!>. /_/

lets set it to two pages first…

Lets use and as the example…..

Once you have these Pages in your Firefox open click on the Word “Use Current Page ” Now this should work to open the pages that you have open.


Npw if your firefox looks like above after you close it, then restart firefox you have done it! Congrats.

If youwish for just one Page then use only one site and hit current Page. Your done!

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