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Can not update to Flash Player 10??


Adobe releases Flash Player after all

Adobe has released version of Flash Player to avoid letting down those users who for certain reasons can’t update to the current version 10.
This includes the users of Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Mac OS X 10.1 to 10.3 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4.
According to Adobe, version 10 does not work on these systems. Adobe had initially planned to discontinue its support of the series 9 versions.

If for some reason you encounter problems while trying to install the update, check out Adobe’s Flash support page, which includes some FAQs on common issues as well as a help center search box for more complicated questions.

Once you have the latest version installed be sure to check your privacy settings (BELOW).

All computers have this in the system be sure all your versions are up to date for there are hackers that could get into your computer easily if you have an older version. Want to see what you have and fix it easily use the just below called Secunia Software Inspector! they assist all users with this.Users should quickly move to the latest version.Since this special update is not part of Windows Update or other browser automatic updates, it is important to manually update the Flash player to ensure browser safety in the future.You need to install this on ALL browsers.If you install it on IE, it ONLY installs on IE. IE is an Active-X update whereas Firefox and Opera are not. You need to go back and get the update with Firefox also. The update for Firefox and Opera are the same though and after I updated Firefox, Opera was also updated at the same time but you need to check whichever browsers you are using to make sure they all get the new one.Adobe recommends all users of Adobe Flash Player Check your version and set the privacy settings as suggested below, but Upgrade NOW!

Download it from the Player Download Center, or by using the auto-update mechanism within the product when prompted.

Check your version:

Google Toolbar is not required for operation of Flash Player so UNCHECK it before installing the new version of Flash Player

Version closes the security holes that appeared in version in mid October and have already been closed in version 08-11-06 The update also fixes six other vulnerabilities, including cross-site scripting holes, a hole that allows DNS rebinding attacks and some processing flaws in connection with Java archives.

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