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STOP!! The Election Stop the election!!


Who cares about an illegal immigrant Grandmother from OBAMA, He is Illegal and No One seems to p[ay attention?

This is outrageous!  Are you people Dead Zombies??  Do something and READ THIS NOW!!!

What i am saying is that no-one seems to pay anyattention to what really is at hand, Obama and McCain are not born in US did you know this is illegal?

Do you know if they do it this will change  everything the United States of America ever stood for?

America trapped, lost, forever in debt, killing thousands, no longer a prominant place to be.  All countries are selling your currency, You are beyond Bankrupt.  I cannot stand the fact that Canada sold out to you!  Grateful i am That Mexico will cause you more Greif!  Even though you elite people think it is moving your way.

THe NAU SPP NAfta, GOP, and all this will crash, fall and even steal all you worth!  Power well it is slipping out from under you now!


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