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The last weekend of the election, did you know?Updated Mon 08:00GMT!


Ok lets look at who your voting for are you knowledgeable on them?  Do they stand to the highest office as credible people,  one who will stand up for your rights, and represent you as a country?  Take a good look!!
It is you and your neighbours that are counting on their votes to do this!!

So Why does McCain not bring this up?????

Because he to is not born in the US people!!

Think!  If they break the laws, what do you think the Country will come to?


Document forensics expert: Obama “birth certificate” a “horrible forgery”

By Israel Insider staff July 20, 2008

The purported Certification of Live Birth published by the Daily Kos left wing blog and claimed as genuine by the Obama campaign features a security border that differs dramatically from security borders on COLB documents before and after the one supposedly printed out for Obama in 2007.

Barack Obama may be on a world tour surrounded by a fawning media, but Sunday an expert in electronic document forensics released a detailed report on the purported birth certificate — actually a “Certification of Live Birth” or COLB — claimed as genuine by his campaign. The expert concludes with 100% certainty that it is a crudely forged fake: “a horribly forgery,” according to the analysis published on the popular right-wing Atlas Shrugs blog.

Here are Five articles related to this and the first one gives you a bit better info Thanks to Mike 🙂


Obama Is Not Born in America! Period!

The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to help the nation avoid a constitutional crisis by halting Tuesday’s election

until Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama documents his eligibility to run for the top office in the nation.

Democratic attorney Philip Berg had filed a lawsuit alleging Obama is ineligible to be president because of possible birth in Kenya, but as WND reported, a federal judge dismissed the complaint claiming Berg lacks standing to bring the action.

Philip J. Berg

The 34-page memorandum that accompanied the court order from Judge R. Barclay Surrick concluded ordinary citizens can’t sue to ensure that a presidential candidate actually meets the constitutional requirements of the office.

Instead, Surrick said Congress could determine “that citizens, voters, or party members should police the Constitution’s eligibility requirements for the Presidency,” but that it would take new laws to grant individual citizens that ability.

“Until that time,” Surrick says, “voters do not have standing to bring the sort of challenge that Plaintiff attempts to bring.”

(Story continues below)

Berg has maintained that uncertainty about how the U.S. does enforce the requirements of presidency may result in a constitutional crisis should an ineligible candidate win the office.

In a statement today, Berg said he is applying to Justice David Souter for an “Immediate Injunction to Stay the Presidential Election of November 4, 2008.”

“I am hopeful that the U.S. Supreme Court will grant the injunction pending a review of this case to avoid a constitutional crisis by insisting that Obama produce certified documentation that he is or is not a “natural born” citizen and if he cannot produce documentation that Obama be removed from the ballot for president,” Berg said.

“We must legally prevent Obama, the unqualified candidate, from taking the office of the presidency of the United States,” Berg said.

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The issue of Obama’s eligibility first got traction among Internet bloggers and later was heightened when several campaigns were launched to determine whether a “certificate of live birth” posted on the Internet by the Obama campaign was valid.

The issue gained more attention when Berg told radio talk show icon Michael Savage he had an admission from Obama’s grandmather that she was at his birth – in Kenya.

“This is a question of who has standing to stand up for our Constitution,” Berg told Jeff Schreiber of America’s Right blog. “If I don’t have standing, if you don’t have standing, if your neighbor doesn’t have standing to ask whether or not the likely next president of the United States – the most powerful man in the entire world – is eligible to be in that office in the first place, then who does?”

As WND reported, Berg filed suit in U.S. District Court in August, alleging Obama is not a natural-born citizen and is thus ineligible to serve as president of the United States. Berg demanded that Obama provide documentation to the court to verify that the candidate was born in Hawaii, as Obama contends, and not in Kenya, as Berg believes.

Now the Third one (not directly related)…………………And the Video that you should know!

With a slender margin separating Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, battalions of lawyers are converging on Florida to handle any disputes at the polls and run to court if necessary.

The unspoken backdrop to this legal blitz is the 2000 election showdown in Florida, where Democrats and Republicans faced off for five weeks in state and federal courtrooms in a titanic struggle of attorneys and legal briefs that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

That time, the Republicans won: by 537 votes in Florida’s official tally, and 5-4 among the black-robed justices in Washington.

It was the first time a U.S. presidential election had been contested in court. It may not be the last: Jonathan Turley, an election law expert at George Washington University, predicted a “flurry of lawsuits” in swing states like Florida and Ohio if the margin of victory next Tuesday is slim.
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Now the Video another insight.

Prt 2

Prt 3

Last Prt

Opening the door from deception to enlightenment.  A radio show aired the truth about 911 months before it occured. In this series of videos

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  1. 1-11-2008 19:40

    Mr. McCain by law IS a U.S. citizen, while questions remain for Mr. Obama.

  2. 1-11-2008 20:21

    It is interesting that she said it that way, but we need better proof.

  3. 1-11-2008 22:50

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. 2-11-2008 02:42

    If you can prove me wrong, that McCain is born and is a US citizen Then great BUT NO ONE HAS Period!

    If that was the only interest to you I ask that you read more from the 5 lawsuits stuck in the courts! Why would anyone of any stature hold them there?

    Brian your welcome I hope you digg into this topic some more Mr Voter. I cannot vote But I urge you all to seriously consider who to vote and do make you vote!!

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