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Is your Voice Really being heard?? AMPLIFY IT!!!!


My last post on the flu shot we see the Internet is no longer allowing Free Speech!!

We Must stop this B.S.  Google china, they are running what we should know about our world.  They take out what they want You have no choice!!

Schmiederer Says:
October 30th, 2008 at 8:24 am is censored now in Germany
other site

All your calls to the government have been going unheard!! They are the ones blocking us from what we should know!!

Listen to this…….

Australia To Enforce Mandatory Chinese-Style Internet Censorship

Government to block “controversial” websites with universal national filter

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Australian government is set to impose Chinese-style Internet censorship by enforcing a universal national filter that will block websites deemed “controversial,” as part of a wider agenda to regulate the Internet according to free speech advocates.

A provision whereby Internet users could opt out of the filter by contacting their ISP has been stripped from the legislation, meaning the filter will be universal and mandatory.

The System Administrators Guild of Australia and Electronic Frontiers Australia have attacked the proposal, saying it will restrict web access, raise prices and slow internet traffic speeds.

The plan was first created as a way to combat child pornography and adult content, but could be extended to include controversial websites on euthanasia or anorexia,” reports the Australian Herald Sun.

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