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JFK Movie! Free view!


Newest info  on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy!

A bit more than what you may have seen already……

Thirteen Days Aftermath!! PLUS!!

Notice the Dallas Doctors reveal the shot came from the right Front!!!!!

Most Important info!! Doctors reveal the Facts!

Robert Groden has been considered the world’s leading expert on the photographic evidence relating to the assassination of President Kennedy for nearly forty years. His DVD is the answer to tens of thousands of requests for his optically enhanced films and photographs of the actual assassination and the investigation and cover-up that followed. Presented here for the first time are the films of the murder, mastered from Mr. Groden’s original material. His DVD truly presents the case for conspiracy. Everything from the Presidential party landing at Love Field in Dallas, the whole route of the motorcade through downtown Dallas, Dealey Plaza, the assassination itself and on to Parkland Hospital and the announcement of the President’s death. The reactions of the press, secret service agents, and crowds at Parkland Hospital are shown.
Eyewitness testimony, rare and exclusive interviews with the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.
See His Site At

Watch for the book JFK Absolute Truth Coming Very soon!!

Ok here it is!!!

Maker of Fabled Enemies Interview From the author his intentions for the film

JFK Movie! Free view! If you seen any JFK movie this is a great addition that will be new.

Well What About the Beef??? So what is on your dinner?

Elect Who? Why? WAR? A lot of movies plus the only answer to this other than telling everyone! The lower two films are the important one’s TEN KINGDOMS is a key element!

Harper gov being sued over Health care!! About Time! Every Canadian should know!


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