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URGENT: Grandmother Arrested for Protecting Her Grandchildren


URGENT: Grandmother Arrested for Protecting Her Grandchildren

PLEASE POST WIDELY! St’at’imc women, our time has always been NOW!


Munna [HELEN PETERS] [was] arrested for obstruction of justice, Tuesday October 21st 2008, for helping her daughter keep her children from been taken by 4 RCMP officers, Tribal Police, 4 ministry of Child and Family agents, and social workers that showed up at her house unannounced. They did not sign into the N’Quatqua Health Centre, community office before attempting to enter her house. Fumbling for words and reasons they decided to arrest her for this! Keeping her detained in their truck after roughing her up and pushing her into the truck, kept her there for 1 hr and 45 minutes. After waiting for over 45 minutes for 2 Ministry of Child and Families [staff] that agreed that only the two of them were coming to discuss this…they breached their verbal agreement and brought in the [police] forces.

Munna and her daughter and three grandchildren are tired of being shuffled around in this fictional fraudulant canadian system. All they want is to allow the one year old to bond with her mother after 5 months of dealing with going from family to family. We are asking for prayers and support in assisting this young mother regain her trust with her children that the 2 older ones will not go back into foster care or be seperated from their younger sister. They are tired of the ‘White Paper Policy’, The Extinguishment Act, that was set in place by Canada throught the Indian Act System to continue the assimilation of Indigenous people with all means neccesary. Today it stops!!! This family needs your support.

A fire is lit in munna’s yard to keep the fire in their hearts strong and bright. All in all there are over 100 children in the care of the [British Columbia] Ministry of Child and Families to enforce the assimilation process. There is a better way, rather than ripping the children from the arms of their mothers. Shame on you Canada!!!

All of the witnesses and paper work will be added to the International law Case file open with the Organization of American States, where Loni Edmond has stepped forward to stop this racial, assimilation process from continuing,
Case file # P-879-07 Canada, and we are about ready to open an archived file for Interim Measures to assist this mother and her children.

The Nka’katkwa Twin Grizzly Tribal Women; Caucus Omissis, will invoke natural law, and put forth their declaration to be announced to the world:

We are the original tribal women of our clans declare our sovereign title and rights to our Culture, Language, and distinct way of life passed on through oral history teachings, ceremonies, songs, dance, prayer, in which we carry life’s force and unconditional love, compassion and protect all living things on our tribal lands on our mother earth. We hold the knowledge of the seven laws of life; Love, Care, Share, Honor, Respect, and to couragously share wisdom with Humility and be the truth and change we want to see in our world. We uphold the intergrity of our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren yet to come; we carry this responsibility until they are ready. As tribal women of our Clans, we assert our nk’lakmen to protect our children’s lives for the future generation. We are the keepers of the land, air and water and continue to be from time immemorial.

And so it is….


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