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Well What About the Beef???


I am so disgusted with the way the advertising at News 6:00pm or even the announcers are suggesting “YOU HAVE THIS AND DO NOT KNOW IT”.

Ok some truth, only if you are so heavily medicated that you cannot read how your body feels!! think about it your so finely tuned that you body gives you warning signs if something is wrong.  So do not believe everything they try to fill you mind with!!!


So what is on your dinner table today?

Look how the price has been inflated at the store but the poor farmers sell their cows at a loss, is this right?  Correct me if I am wrong.

Maker of Fabled Enemies Interview From the author his intentions for the film

JFK Movie! Free view! If you seen any JFK movie this is a great addition that will be new.

Well What About the Beef??? So what is on your dinner?

Elect Who? Why? WAR? A lot of movies plus the only answer to this other than telling everyone! The lower two films are the important one’s TEN KINGDOMS is a key element!

Harper gov being sued over Health care!! About Time! Every Canadian should know!


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