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Brantford ontario Mock Exercise!


I heard on the Radio CKPC this morning for people of Brampton not to worry about police and Fire sirens,  I ask you take action Film IT!!!

At the safety village Brantford campus Mohawk 407 elgin st. Beside Mohawk College Program manager of CKPC is playing a victim, Mike Rose.

Called Operation Fireball.  See an insight with this old Comic book…

School bus mocking exercise!

Buses with Children is too much of a threat to me GET OUT of Brampton!!

Get your Kids away from all Buses!!

This is a Alert!

OK so what it might be an exercise but golly why this??  My alarm bells went off As soon as I Heard this.

Get with the program kids Get OUT OF BRAMPTON!!!

I now bow down to Christ Jesus our reator that His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, yet hope that Satan affliction here to this Mock excersise is going under the King of All Kings terms,   Christ Jesus our heavenly Father.

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  1. 15-10-2008 21:35

    Ok I will admit It scared the jeebers out of me! Any way now to tell you why, Mock excersises were done prior to 9/11, the 7/7 bobmbings in England, these are all documented. The Planes constantly asking is this excercise or detail, smae instance with the British police! People use these as excercises to do the inevitable. I should have deleted this But i now will not because I left it so lnog.

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