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Wireless Security? Absolutely!!


Far Too Dangerous to Ignore

A home based wireless LAN (WLAN) can provide convenient and easy access to the Internet for all family members. However, if it is not locked down properly, it provides access to anyone who is in reception range. Most “visitors” would access a non-secured WLAN for free Internet connectivity. However, there are dangers where private information on the WLAN hard drive could be discovered or these visitors may access to highly inappropriate sites. Likewise, a business must protect the privacy of their customer information. If a WLAN is setup, there is a need to use the latest equipment, safest security protocols, and take time to learn the key elements of wireless security. As the article from AVERT labs reflect, it’s too dangerous to leave unsecured.

Wireless Security – Too Dangerous to ignore

QUOTE: People don’t seem to seriously care about Wi-Fi security yet. Inspite of oft-repeated warnings, ignorant folks with unlimited bandwidth plans believe that they are doing a social service by allowing neighbors to leach their Wi-Fi freely. What they fail to understand is that by doing so, they can become an unwitting accessory to cyber crime.

Instead of scouring for anonymous proxies to stay faceless on the internet, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting unsecured Wi-FI networks to get the job done. A combination of war driving tools such as NetStumbler along with a listing of default router usernames and passwords is all it takes to freely connect to unsecured Wi-FI networks. Especially since most Wi-Fi routers use default security settings that come pre-installed by the vendor rather than it having being configured by the end user.

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