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Warning signs


Hello everyone,

I had a bulliten come my way today that I must urge you to look into!!

They say this…”One piece of information grabbed my eye, namely that over the last 3 months, the number of infected machines quadrupled.  During the same time period, there isn’t an appreciable increase in new malware, new viruses or anything that would obviously indicated why this is so.  I imagine that the bad guys have gotten better about keeping machines owned, but there is one vector that we need to get much better about tracking and managing, and that’s direct web-based malware.”

This Graph shows what is going on………
So does this look obvious to you??  The children are out of school using your computer and guess what IT IS Now NO Longer Under Your Own CONTROL. Granted you might be able to use it but there is tons of other items happening as you think your using it.

Now if you use your computer enough you might notice these signs……..

1. Rootkits detection
2. Modification of the windows hosts file
3. Random unexplained popups are likely an adware infection, however it can also be a primative      form of botnet related clickfraud activity.
4. Machine slowness. This can be a lot of things, however in many situations it is massive spyware      infections. Whether it is botnet related or not is another story. If your once fast machine is now      struggling to respond, consider looking under the hood with a adware/spyware scanner.

This will start your detection of your personal computer.  There are many other things that you can do.  But the above is just a start.

If you are unaware os how this is done call me, leave a comment or send me an email.



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Greetings and welcome to(TONS) of

information site that can help you, your family and everything you do on the internet.

But please this is for personal computers only

If for any reason you have not heard from me please scan your computer with the suggested programs Here Click this. Thanks for I do always reply, but the mail has to reach me first. Good Luck.Well then feel free to click on image. I will respond either soon or immediately!rad16.gifTruth is the way things are.

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