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Verichip Secrets

The heroes in the next movie are not the ones that use the foul language.  It is the very government that the us citizens placed in congress?  Can you believe that they are the very liars that tell you their voters that they are safe?  The clinton case is a known lie by the video called endgame. seen on this page here.  I regret to inform you that the thousands of people who helped to save many at the 911 attack on the twin towers are either dead or they are fighting for their life. Perhaps you where there I hope this video will encourage many responders to 911 to place their own video, their own story on youtube and come together to bring a real justice forward.  Forgive those that have lied, spoke the very foul language and hope the God opens their eyes as well.


quickly returning on high..

Along my way I have told many of this site, please I do need to do some work but every thing is here just not too easy to find. This concerns me, so what I can do is post the most likely pages you might be looking for…..

This is my first attempt.

*NOTE* below some of my Posts are automatically generated links to other posts I urge you to use caution on those links and it is highly unlikely they speak of the same things I do.  🙂

The Blue words below means they are pages of the title seen that you can click on with your mouse to read more on that page, one can always click the words “Preventing Attacks” on the top of each page to  see the latest to the oldest depending on how long you wish to scroll down.  All links on this page that are not blue have already been visited by you…  Good Day1  🙂

Translator for each page found here….. This is Google translator from
Übersetzen Lassen Sie sich Webseiten in anderen Sprachen anzeigen

PC-sicherheit 20 zu-sichern!! Click Heir

* 27-05-08*NEU* 10 Schritte, zum deiner persönlichen sicherer zu bilden
Sicherheit für diene Computer auf Deutsch

Hohes Risiko

*02-05-08* Security for your Personal Computer!1/5
About the simplest security settings and how to use them. There is Five pages total but I think Page three is the best to assist you.

A small study Which just keeps getting bigger
Like it says A small study I think should be shared for all to know but Eng voice only.
As God = Jesus Christ the man who was born on earth and died for the removal of our sins when He sinned not, as is living as our only saviour I feel this is enlightening to note this and compare it with assumptions made and what ths Holy Bible actually states.

*NEW*Announcing The Cure Trials begin!!!!(JDRF) Embezzlement *Plus*.,
Diabetic Type 1 the Cure trials and scandals that have happened. cell regeneration is possible So rejoice 🙂

They came from the voice of God, spoken

Now your more aware of some of the Bad

Your personal helper.- REPENT! REPENT!

06-05-2008 Malware Bytes’ UPDATE,

Change Firefox Home Page or Pages,

*NEW*Announcing The Cure Trials begin!!!

Ich gebe dieses hier bekannt, denn es


Spiritual Restlessness
Paste this into your media player

¶ Thou shalt not avenge thyself nor bear hate in thy mind against the children of thy people, but shalt love thy neighbour even as thyself. I am the LORD. Du sollst deinen Nächsten lieben wie dich selbst. Die Liebe tut dem Nächsten nichts Böses. So ist nun die Liebe des Gesetzes Erfüllung. Gal 5,14; 1. Tim 1.5; 1. Cor 13.4; Mt 22.40

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Instead of us being slaves to sin, God’s new people are now slaves to God with His wonderful promises. [Rom 6.20-22]

Another Interview with God
Click here for The HOPE, a free, on-line motion picture presentation

Click picture all languages

Secunia Software Inspector

Gas freedom OH YEAH! Click this


Get help from Ric Doerner!

Jesus is our only saviour, The one I wish I could follow for His sinLess ways. try try I will. Yet I am an undeserving person.

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