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Censoring the Internet?


“Censoring the Internet?

By Nicholas
Apr. 22, 2008

Back in November of 2005 I shared an article that appeared to be a bit pre-mature in nature regarding talks about Internet control / censorship. Still, I felt back then it was something to keep an eye on as I have seen certain websites censored in the past, including my own.

During John Paul II’s reign, he actually had 5 websites shut down because he believed it blasphemed Mary. Yes, those that understand Bible doctrine know that it’s impossible to blaspheme Mary because she’s not a “god.” But Rome believes she’s is a god, and therefore speaking about her in a negative way is considered blasphemous. Truth is, Rome has been proven to blaspheme God thousands of times over the last 1470 years. I can’t imagine how many biblically proven blasphemous statements are on the Vatican website at present. Yet… since Rome has all the power, as fleeting as it is, they can more or less do as they please. Well, at least until Jesus returns.

Now I don’t condone speaking negative of Mary in any way shape or form because I do in fact call her blessed as Luke 1:48 said she deserves. But to place her as a god, or believe like dozens of popes that call her co-Saviour, no, that’s actually the true definition of blasphemy. “

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  1. nkartist06 permalink
    8-8-2008 14:09

    ‘Yet… since Rome has all the power, as fleeting as it is, they can more or less do as they please. Well, at least until Jesus returns.’

    I am a little worried about the implication that you are striking here. It seems like instead of making yourself a decent man of God you are trying to prove that other people are not of God. I am not agree with the structure of religious systems, but to imply that they will go to Hell when Jesus returns is something that I disagree with highly.

    Muslim Jehadists, who blow up hundreds of people are still men/women and children of God and will be Judged by God. As far as I see it, they have been breed to be killers. They know nothing else, therefor God may find them not at fault. You know that it is wrong to forsake others, yet you do it anyway. To me that seems like a dangerous practice for a man of God.

    As Jesus say in Matthew ‘Love thy enemy as you love thyself.’


  2. 8-8-2008 14:30

    Does Rome really have all the power? King of Kings has the ability to prevent all things see Job. The endtimes is cuz Jesus wishes us to REpent TURN 180 degrees from or bad behaving ways.
    I hope I am not saying these things against anyone, it is the sin I am mad with not with the person. see the difference? I understand what you are saying and I hope I do not reflect these things ever.
    Again I will not peg a religious system upon what has or has not been done by them.
    We are all of Gods creation, true it is the sin that stains us all. Thank you NK for your wonderful comment I hope all ponder apon what you have said, we should see all things as you do.

  3. Rusputin? permalink*
    5-12-2008 00:46

    Now be aware this is only what you see, when you study and look for more, you will see other things, i warn you might now be pretty!!
    but look If war is mentioned find out why from what they have done and what they wish to accomplish. These people have been blinded by the god of this world. Do not get trapped yourself if you have no geniune connection with Christ jesus as your saviour I tell you best not go there.

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