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Our wonderful Dollar!! Why are we not seeing the benefits?


Macleans magazine writes this….



When the Canadian dollar reached parity with the
U.S. greenback on Sept. 20, 2007, Canadians celebrated – we seemed to be back
on equal footing. But after reaching this long awaited new height, Canadians
quickly discovered that the view wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Canadians
are still paying more than Americans for everything from lip balm to luxury
Almost a year later, Canadian shoppers are noticing they are still paying
alarmingly high prices for basic goods compared to Americans. According to a
recent report by BMO Capital Markets, prices of consumer goods in Canada are,
overall, 18 per cent higher than in the United States. Building on the BMO
survey, Maclean’s looked at an additional 60 items – from cars to perfume –
and found Canadians are paying 24 per cent more than our neighbours.
There’s plenty of blame to go around for the price assault on Canadian
consumers, from retailers and distributors pocketing the difference from the
stronger loonie, to government regulations and taxes pushing up prices higher
than they need be. But the end result is always the same: at cash registers
across the country consumers are losing out, and in that typically Canadian
way, tolerating it without much of a fuss. And, the government has been
reluctant to step in and try to correct the price gap.

Less crime, more fear

The most recent Statistics Canada report on crime, released on July 17,
showed that the national rate fell in 2007 to its lowest level in three
decades. And the decline is very broadly based. Most offences from break-ins
to homicides – are down. But the numbers haven’t done anything to quiet those
inclined to tell a more alarming crime story. If crime rates are falling, why
are serious assaults on the rise in Canada? This week, turn to Maclean’s for
insight on how there is a major disconnect between statistics showing less
crime, and public fear that society is growing more violent.

END Macleans

I think it is time now to focus on what the Big guys are doing, find the feeder who instructs the puppets.  Study the feeder and what it sends out forget all the other stuff for it will become a time consuming hulba!! Focus on the feeder to us and what he intructs then keep working UP the Structure!!  Got It!!  Good!!  Now Focus!!

Even so they will try to scare us with this food problem so what!! keep your focus! keep working up to where it gets really hot!   Find an intercept point before the puppets, this could bring a bit more attention to what one needs to focus on.

We do not care or even are scared by terrorists, bombs, or genocide, our goal is to intercept your selfish desires and make them work against you and benifit the people.

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