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Crossloop, and thanks!Happy System Administrator’s Day


Happy System Administrator’s Day

Today is the System Administrator Day – to appreciate all the efforts that they put in at work to keep those machines humming.

Now over 10,000, many of our Helpers are System Adminstrators. Along with them, very importantly, many of our CrossLoop users, many who are not on the CrossLoop Marketplace, show commitment and involvement in bailing their friends and family out all the time.

The almost 45M Help minutes over 2.45M Help Sessions since we launched is a testament that will continue to track and grow.

This is never been an easy job, not the most appreciated and requires a lot of sacrifice. We honor all these unsung heroes, who show up whenever you need help!


Here is the song in their honor and I think all of us will relate to it!

Thanks to Ben Worth at The Wall Street Journal for enabling this discovery for me.

Good Afternoon, Good Luck and Have a Great weekend!


Get help from Ric Doerner!

Jesus is our only saviour, The one I wish I could follow for His sinLess ways. try try I will. Yet I am an undeserving person.

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