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If the Holy Spirit tells me not to go to Mexico, why do you?


I have done a bit of study in Mexico and state and I now will reveal something that most know but not all.

Bless Jesus’ name for through Christs’ will and ability this is revealed!!

"Canadians don't want NAFTA-like rules in interprovincial
trade agreements," said Moist.
    The provinces will amend the AIT by Jan. 1, 2009. From now until then,
Canada's largest union is calling on its 570,000 members to put pressure on
governments and fight the threat of an inadequate and irrevocable amendment to
the AIT.
Best see this folks.....

Mexico – Call for “exemplary punishment” for police hounding of the media

MONTREAL, July 17 – Reporters Without Borders today
condemned the aggressive posture of some police officers, particularly at the
federal level, after assaults on journalists on the same day both in the
Federal District (Mexico City) and in the state of Sinaloa in the north-west.
Around 30 police officers with the Federal Preventative Police (PPP)
threatened Rafael Leyva Mexia and Luis Vasquez Vega, photographers
respectively on the regional dailies El Diario de Los Mochis and Noroeste in
Los Mochis in Sinaloa state on 15 July, after they took shots of a police
convoy just after it left the scene of a demonstration.
They pointed guns at the journalists whom they accused of being from the
“gutter press” before photographing them while heaping insults on them. Other
journalists who arrived later where also aggressively questioned and had to
take flight.
Leyva Mexia and Vasquez Vega both made complaints to the Sinaloa state
human rights commission. One of the two photographers told Reporters Without
Borders that, in the light of a similar case involving journalists from the
regional daily El Debate in May, they might also take the case before the
federal justice ministry.
In the second case, judicial police travelling in five vehicles
intercepted Jacobo Velasquez Gordillo, journalist on the privately-owned
national channel TV Azteca and technical staff in the capital at 2am on the
same day as they were returning to their studios. They were forced at gunpoint
to produce their identify papers. Police then seized their mobile phones and
their camera battery on the pretext that they had tried to interfere with an
investigation. Police officers rained blows onto Velasquez Gordillo as they
tried to force him into the boot of his car.
The journalists made a complaint for “abuse of authority” at the special
prosecutor’s office responsible for civil servants. The Federal District Human
Rights Commission has also made a complaint which it is waiting for the
journalists to sign.
“This abusive behaviour leaves the press even more vulnerable at a time
when it is already exposed to threats from organised crime, particularly in
the states like Sinaloa which are in thrall to the drug cartels”, the
worldwide press freedom organization said.
“The safety of Mexican journalists is more under threat than ever and
this situation can only worsen still further if the authorities decide for
reasons of state to close the cases lodged by the victims. There should be
exemplary punishment”, the organization added.

Reporters Without Borders
I did this one night for a dear friend in Christ, and their family.

The corruption of the  Federal Preventive Police (Policía Federal Preventiva or PFP in Mexico and no Human Rights in Mexico makes it very difficult for any citizen to reside there.  According to what I am made aware of you deported two Mexicans to the state and they have pictures and names of CORRUPT PFP People involved in unloading a military vehicle with the PFP person there?!

Time right now TAKE ACTION!.  I see your article regarding Human Rights….

And Amenesty International’s statement…….

I now will enquire of your office and ask do you think it is right to send these people to a state that is corrupt and these people are known by the PFP?  Regardless of where they relocate themselves it is quite evident they can be found easily by the PFP.  see this……..

The above site states this…. Well if what this says below is it any wonder these people will be seen as expendable?  these are our brothers and sisters!

PFP Corruption

The past years have amply demonstrated that endemic corruption plagues every Mexican police establishment. From all outside appearances, the PFP is making a serious effort to ensure that new recruits have the requisite levels of honesty and is rooting out corrupt serving officers. This extraordinarily difficult undertaking is reflected in the current status of internal PFP investigations. Notably, by February 2000 PFP agents in multiple states were being investigated for “crimes related to drug trafficking, illegal alien smuggling and stealing from transport vehicles.”43 Of these, the illegal alien smuggling case seemed to be the most extensive, potentially involving a national-level undertaking with participants from the PFP and other police agencies. Reducing corruption clearly contributes to the 15-year time table for the PFP to reach its maximum capability, a more realistic estimate than some previous Mexican anticorruption campaigns that projected short-term results.

Mexico is placing exceptional trust and weight on the performance and effectiveness of the PFP. It is no exaggeration to say that the law enforcement and internal security dimensions of Mexico’s future stability are tied to the PFP’s ability to perform critically important policing and security missions. At the same time, the PFP must be effective enough to free the military from highly visible public safety duties that erode its public confidence. Amid the challenges posed by a spectrum of criminal and subversive threats to Mexico, the PFP—like the military—will have to struggle successfully against the drug corruption that has crippled other federal, state and local police establishments in Mexico. In addition, the nature of PFP duties raises the specter of human rights violations in areas like Chiapas, Oaxac and Guerrero, an issue that the Mexican Government acknowledges but has yet to fully address.

Just at the wrong place involving a powerful force who could go above officials easily because of the powers they have been given.  I ask you please to research this fully.

I ask for your response, as an immigration office why did you send them to their former country?

Undermining the Rule of Law: Democratization and the Dark Side of Police Reform in Mexico
From:    Latin American Politics and Society
Date:    April 1, 2006
Author:    Davis, Diane E SAYS……….

At 10 a.m., several hundred fully equipped riot and special operations officers from the Federal Preventative Police (PFP) supported by armored riot tanks and military helicopters flying overhead stood face-to-face with a small crowd of university students and local residents with nothing in their hands.But from this disparity grew a pitched battle that lasted over six hours, left dozens injured, and ended with the PFP in retreat and the streets filled with thousands of protesters.


“Since the authorities have routinely tortured our supporters when detained, we now declare that there are no longer conditions to continue entertaining dialogue with the federal government,” he said.

Oh a Bit More…..
Video and Lawyer says

“The government is throwing gasoline on the fire and fanning the flames of social conflict,” says Jose Sanchez, a lawyer for six prisoners from Guerrero state who claim PFP officers tortured them.

US Terror central Gov Library adds this

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Mexico 2001 SOURCE:
U.S. Department of State



The police forces, which include federal and state judicial police, the Federal Preventive Police (PFP), municipal police, and various police auxiliary forces, have primary responsibility for law enforcement and maintenance of order within the country. However, the military plays a large role in some law enforcement functions, primarily counternarcotics. Elected civilian officials maintain effective control over the police and the military; however, corruption is widespread within police ranks and also is a problem in the military. The military maintains a strong presence in the state of Chiapas and a lesser, but still significant, deployment in Guerrero. Military personnel and police officers committed serious human rights abuses.

These articles where there just the other day, sorry I have limited time to find them now, if anyone has a link to the article please tell me below… THX
REUTERS/Henry Romero
A poster is seen over a burnt car as Federal police (PFP) stand guard in Oaxaca’s main plaza, Mexico November 5, 2006, Thousands of students and protesters from the Popular Assembly (APPO) march against the Governor of Oaxaca Ulises Ruiz in Oaxaca City on Sunday. The poster reads ‘Go Ulises, Go PFP of Oaxaca’. Ulises refers to the Governor Ulises Ruiz and PFP to Federal Police officers.’
REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar
Federal police officers stand guard in downtown Oaxaca city November 5, 2006. Tens of thousands of protesters trying to oust a state governor marched on Sunday in the Mexican tourist city of Oaxaca where demonstrators clashed with police last week in a deepening conflict.
REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar
A Federal police officer stands guard on a building roof in downtown Oaxaca city November 5, 2006. Tens of thousands of protesters trying to oust a state governor marched on Sunday in the Mexican tourist city of Oaxaca where demonstrators clashed with police last week in a deepening conflict.
REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar
Federal police officers stand guard in downtown Oaxaca City November 5, 2006. Tens of thousands of protesters trying to oust a state governor marched on Sunday in the Mexican tourist city of Oaxaca where demonstrators clashed with police last week in a deepening conflict.
REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar
Federal police officers stand guard in downtown Oaxaca City November 5, 2006. Tens of thousands of protesters trying to oust a state governor marched on Sunday in the Mexican tourist city of Oaxaca where demonstrators clashed with police last week in a deepening conflict.

For a true soldier must be vigilant, alert, and aware of, how, why,
where from & by whom & what anything is and it's intentions

One other thing, WHY?? and who did this? It is not right!!

TORONTO, July 18 /CNW/ – Please be advised that the Ontario Court of Appeal has this afternoon issued an order, which has the effect of temporarily reinstating the publication ban that was lifted earlier today in relation to the preliminary inquiry held in the case of R. v. Shawn Brant. As a result of this order the media should immediately cease reporting on evidence heard at the preliminary inquiry and remove all related reports from websites.

This afternoon’s Court of Appeal order temporarily stays a ruling made earlier today in Napanee until Wednesday afternoon, July 23rd, at 4:00 p.m. so that a full stay application can be heard by the Court of Appeal on this matter.

Globe AND Mail report

The lawyer for aboriginal protester Shawn Brant is incredulous after Crown lawyers successfully reinstated a publication ban on his client!!!!!

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