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*UPDATE!* Stop Morgentaler from receiving Order of Canada


NEW NATIONAL POLL: Among 13,000+ Respondents 56% Oppose Morgentaler Order of Canada

TORONTO, July 22 /CNW/ – A random telephone poll of Canadian households
with 13,324 respondents conducted between July 17-21, 2008 has revealed that
55.8% of Canadians oppose the awarding of the Order of Canada to abortionist
Henry Morgentaler.
The national poll commissioned by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) and just
completed, by KLRVU polling has a 95% confidence level and a margin of error
of 1.5%. The data is accurate 19 times out of 20. A breakdown of votes by
province is provided.
Beginning with a wave on the east coast of Newfoundland, ebbing slightly
in Quebec and then continuing with a surge in Ontario right to the west
coast-the tide of opinion against awarding abortionist Henry Morgentaler has
risen, dramatically.
“Whatever side of the abortion debate you are on, many Canadians from all
walks of life felt this appointment went way too far and offended too many,”
said Jim Hughes National President of CLC. “The mass media coverage of the
Morgentaler award has given us the largest abortion debate this country has
seen in twenty years, and Canadians when they are forced to think about
abortion realize it is horrible.”
In every region of the country opinion has soured considerably. Ontario
is now 58 percent against honoring the infamous abortionist, with the prairies
and the Atlantic provinces having two thirds of its citizens against. Even in
Quebec support for Morgentaler has dropped to 53 percent.
“Clearly the waves of offended Canadians speaking out have had an
impact,” says Mary Ellen Douglas, CLC National Organizer. “When a former
Lieutenant Governor speaks out and returns his ‘Snowflake’, disavowing himself
from the Order, undoubtedly that is going to have an effect.”
Opinion has become the most negative in the Atlantic with Nova Scotia
leading the way at 68 percent against. The substantial size of the sample
gives some unique insights into the regions. For instance over 400 people were
surveyed in Newfoundland alone, even the territories were sampled. With over
13,000+ participants, this survey speaks definitively on the opinion within
the country.

Provincial % of No’s

Percent 55% 64% 65% 66% 58% 47% 62% 68% 67% 64% 57% 57%

The Question
“Do you believe abortionist Henry Morgentaler deserves the Order of Canada
Press 1 for Yes Press 2 for No”

A French script was used for the province of Quebec.

The extensive scientific poll called 157,115 Canadian households,
yielding over 13,000 respondents and the results were weighted in regional
proportions. Results have a margin of error of +/- 1.5%, 19 times out of 20.
The subgroups may have larger margins of error based on concentration of
population. The Targeted Population was Canadian households, respondents were
a result of households that were selected at random, using a random algorithm
provided by INFOLIST Canada, of Toronto, ON. Responses were weighted according
to geographical area, so that the sample would reflect the actual demographic
proportions in the population, using most recent Statistics Canada estimates.
How this poll was conducted: This KLRVU poll was conducted by touchtone
technology which polls households across Canada. Using this technology with
the voice of a professional announcer all respondents heard the questions
asked identically. In theory, with the stated sample size, one can say with
95% certainty that the results would not vary by more than the stated margin
of sampling error, in one direction or the other. There are other possible
sources of error in all surveys that may be more serious than theoretical
calculations of sampling error. These include refusals to be interviewed,
question wording and question order, weighting by demographic control data and
the manner in which respondents are filtered (such as, determining who is a
likely participant). It is difficult to quantify the errors that may result
from these factors.
Fieldwork for this survey was done by KLRVU Research of Winnipeg, MB.

About KLRVU Research

Based in Winnipeg, KLRVU Research is a privately owned polling company
working with private firms since 2006 providing research services. Core
services include research, data collection and macro polling services.

Campaign Life Coalition, together with many other organizations, will
continue to urge Canadians to call the Governor General’s office and insist
that the award be revoked.

For further information: on the results of this survey, call: Media
Contact: Mary Ellen Douglas, CLC National Organizer, Marie-Christine Houle, CLC Toronto,
KLRVU Research, Winnipeg

OTTAWA, July 7 /CNW/ – Representatives from Madonna House, a Catholic community based in Combermere, Ontario, will make the journey to Ottawa Tuesday morning to return the Order of Canada medal awarded to founder, Catherine Doherty.

The move is in response to the awarding of one of Canada’s highest honours to Dr. Henry Morgentaler, as announced by the Governor General’s Office on July 1, 2008.

Catherine Doherty (August 15, 1896 – December 14, 1985) was a pioneer of social justice and an internationally acclaimed speaker. In addition to founding the community of Madonna House, she was a prolific writer and best-selling author of dozens of books. She was awarded the Order of Canada in
1976 in recognition of “a lifetime of devoted services to the underprivileged of many nationalities, both in Canada and abroad.” Her cause for canonization as a saint was opened by Bishop Brendan O’Brien, then bishop of the diocese of Pembroke, Ontario, in 2000.
Fr. David May, one of the three directors of Madonna House, commented on the decision to return the medal to the Governor General:

“Catherine Doherty was honoured to receive this award in 1976. She exemplified what the Order of Canada should be about: an individual committed to strengthening the nation by her contribution to the vulnerable and the marginalized. It is only after much prayer and consultation with our community, as well as with heavy hearts, that we are undertaking this action.
The Order has been devalued in recent days, and we are confident that Catherine is spiritually present with us, affirming this gesture of love for our country and for the values which alone can sustain it. Without absolute respect for the gift of life, no society can survive.”

I have just read and signed the online petition:

To:  Government of Canada

We, the undersigned residents of Canada want to unequivocally make known our opposition to any awarding of membership in the Order of Canada to the Montreal abortionist Henry Morgentaler. Throughout his career, Morgentaler has been directly and indirectly responsible for the abortions of thousands of unborn Canadian children, under the guise of providing compassionate care to the expectant mothers. We further petition Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his colleagues in the federal government to condemn any recommendation that would see Morgentaler receive membership in the Order of Canada.


I understand Dr. Mogentaler why you see this as nessasary and I understand Ladies that it can happen, But God never wanted this to happen to you that is why to have sex prior to marriage is not suggested.  Although i know I did it also, But what God says will help if you listen to His advice.  It is ultimatly your choice he means the best for His creation.  Mr Morgentaller sees the sins of the world, attemps to assist and that is a good attempt just breaking the commandment is not.  We need to get mans mind straightened out, help those that need the help.  Stop the Adult stores, stop the prolific visions for kiddie porn, any porn.  It is nessary to see you wife, not someone eles’  The essence of broken homes and fallen families result in us paying too much!!  This can be stopped but only through you with knowing God’s vision and words.  Just knowing the TEN Commandments from God will start a journey when you can reap the benefits of God Himself.  You are forgiven by Christ Jesus’ death, who is and always will be, but sin no more.

Although it should state that every murder should not receive a licence and this must stop by the authority of God our creator. The ten still stand!!

You see – if the CHURCH doesn’t really care what God demands, why should anyone else? And if His commandments aren’t written on our hearts, why bother having them chiseled in stone?

“If ye love me, keep my commandments.”John 14:15

“Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.”Revelation 22:14

“the commandments are not given inappropriately or pointlessly; but in order that through them the proud, blind man may learn the plague of his impotence, should he try to do as he is commanded.”

Jesus said: “I tell you, Nay: but, except ye *REPENT*, ye shall all likewise perish.” (Luke 13.5)

YOU CAN HEAR GOD You may be a businessman, a housewife, a church member, a deacon, an elder or even
part of the church staff, but if you are not hearing God, you need to become as a little
child in your heart. God will give you the power to humble yourself as a little child and
truly repent of your separation from Him. Ask Him to forgive you and fill you with His
Holy Spirit every day. Realize that God loves you as an individual and ask Him to teach
you to return His love as all friends do.
All loving relationships are characterized by an exchange of love. That is the way to a
real Father-child relationship. It is also the way to hear God and be heard by Him.
   "Stop Morgentaler from receiving Order of Canada"

hosted on the web by, the free online petition
service, at:

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
agree, too.  If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider
signing yourself.


The human spirit enters the human embryo at conception. It is this spirit that may, upon adult conversion, be united with the Holy Spirit from the great Creator God, impregnating that human with God-life as a child of the living God, in a state of gestation, though as yet unborn. To destroy an embryo or a fetus in a mother’s uterus is to MURDER a potential future God Being.
Therefore, abortion is murder.
The physical embryo and fetus is fed physically through the mother. God’s church is called Jerusalem above “which is the mother of us all” Galatians 4.26Notice the exact parallel! the church is the spiritual mother of its members. God has set his called and chosen ministers in his church to feed the flock – “for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: till we come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ” Ephesians 4.11-13

Protect the the begotten yet unborn saints of false doctrines and ministers
The human mother carries her unborn baby in that part of her body where she can best protect it from physical harm; and that protection is part of her function, as well as to norish the unborn child! Even so, the church, through Christ’s ministers, instructs, teaches, counsels with, advises, and protects from spiritual harm the unborn members of God’s eternal kingdom! As the physical fetus must grow physically large enough to be born, so the begotten Christian must grow in grace, and in the knowledge of Christ (2 Peter 3.18  ) must overcome, must developing spiritual character during this life in order to be born into their kingdom of God!!
As the fetus gradually develops, one by one the organs, features and characteristics, even so the begotten child of God must gradually, continually, develop the spiritual character – love, faith, patience, gentleness, temperance. They must live by, and be a doer of the Word of God. They must develop the divine character!

God created sex, not only to keep humanity alive, but to bring delectable, joyfully, pleasurable, happiness in pure and wholesome love between husband and wife, and as a means of binding tightly the cord supposedly tying a husband and wife tightly together is proving to be the cord that chokes the marriage.

Remember God told Adam and Eve that for disobedience and stealing the forbidden fruit, they would SURELY DIE. But God had offered them freely the gift of eternal life, by choosing the “tree of life.” When they chose the forbidden fruit, God drove the man (and his wife) out of the Garden, “lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever” (Gen. 3:22). But through Christ, a repentant humanity may yet receive God’s gift of eternal life. To Nicodemus Jesus explained, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God” (John 3:3). Of course Nicodemus couldn’t quite grasp that. He knew that he had been born by being delivered from his mother’s womb. He knew the difference between being BORN and being merely BEGOTTEN – something few theologians seem to know today. Jesus explained, “That which is born of the flesh IS FLESH; and that which is born of the Spirit IS SPIRIT” (verse 6). Man is MORTAL. Man came from THE GROUND. He is FLESH – material flesh. Jesus was not talking about another physical birth – but He was talking about a spiritual birth – when man shall BE SPIRIT – be wholly composed of SPIRIT. He shall then have been BORN of GOD! God is Spirit (John 4:24); man is physical flesh.
A human has to be BEGOTTEN by his human father. To be born again of the Spirit – of GOD – one must first be begotten by the SPIRITUAL FATHER – Almighty God.
God condemns homosexuality. He destroyed the whole populations of Sodom and Gomorrah for this sin. It is condemned in the first chapter of Romans God’s new testament after Christs birth of the virgin Mary. Sodomites cannot enter the kingdom of God!! Repent!! turn from your ways God loves you and we all need each other in His eternal Kingdom. Repent!

Click here I speak all Languages!

WHAT: Ex. 34:28

COMMANDED: Lev. 23:27, 29; Matt. 6:16-18; Matt. 9:15; Mark 2:20; Luke 5:33-35

WHY: Isa. 58:3-9; Ps. 35:13; Ps. 69:10; Dan. 9:3; Matt. 17:21

HOW: Matt. 6:16-18; Isa. 58:3-4

HOW NOT: Luke 18:12

EXAMPLES: Judges 20:26; I Kings 21:27; I Sam. 7:6; I Kings 19:8; II Sam. 12:16-23; Neh. 1:4; Ps. 109:24; Matt. 4:2; Luke 2:37; Acts 17:11; Acts 13:2-3; Ex. 34:28

STUDY: I Cor. 4:16; II Tim. 2:15; Acts 17:11; Acts 18:24

Admit Your Sins

The Lord said,

” I created the mountains and the wind.  I let humans know what I am thinking.  I bring darkness at dawn and step over hills. I am the Lord God all powerful!!” – note as the united states are seeing right now

Blessings of God's love and peace be with you always,

More: Worst Canada Day Ever: "Dr." Henry Morgentaler named to Order of Canada
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