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The word “heresy” in the Bible simply means, “an opinion.” Many of the doctrines circulating in today’s churches are merely opinions, not based upon the Word of God. In John 5:39 Jesus commanded His disciples to… SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES!!! It is dangerous to form one’s opinions apart from the Bible. People who express teachings not taught in the Scriptures are guilty of spreading heresy. There are sincere people in every church, who attempt to help others by offering unsought advice. Unfortunately, much of this advice is heresy, even damnable heresy.

Common Heresies (False Doctrines) Taught in Churches Today:

* Infant Baptism
* Baptismal Regeneration
* Holy Sacraments
* Speaking in Tongues
* Baptism by Sprinkling
* Holy Laughter
* Miracle Anointing
* Zionism
* Prosperity Gospel
* Faith Healing
* Confessional Booth
* Christian Rock Music
* Lordship Salvation
* Perseverance of the Saints
* Limited Atonement
* Celibacy
* Abstaining from Meats
* Recognition of the Virgin Mary
* Assumption of Mary
* Perpetual Virginity of Mary
* Immaculate Conception of Mary
* Praying the Rosary
* Ecumenicalism
* Unity with Unbelievers*
* Healing Services
* Storehouse Tithing
* Holy Miracle Water
* Financial Seeds
* Protestantism
* Calvinism
* Arminianism
* Lifestyle Evangelism
* Postribulation Rapture
* Transubstantiation
* Universal Church
* Women Pastors
* Social Gospel

The teaching that bothers me the most is the false notion that a person must “be willing to turn from sin” to be saved. It bothers me to no end, simply because the Word of God couldn’t be clearer that eternal life is a FREE GIFT (Romans 5:15), paid for by Jesus’ precious literal blood (1Peter 1:18,19). Whether you’re willing to turn from sin or not is irrelevant to the gift of God. What happens in a convert’s heart after salvation is an entirely different matter (2Corinthians 5:17); but salvation is by grace through faith alone (Ephesians 2:8,9).

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  1. Sis permalink
    1-6-2008 22:08

    1-Movie ends on evils victory…and ending is the most important for us and is gone!
    2-Eva eat the fruit and give some to her husband “who was with her “and he eat it …-he was actually all the time with her -watching her and allowing her to sin !That is way we are saying that is ” Adams sin ” even she took first bite – he was responsible for her act!
    3-speaking on tongues should be removed !!They are Biblical!
    Act 2,4; Act10,46 ; Act 19,6(showing the difference between baptisms by Holy Spirit)
    1Cor 12,10 ;1Cor 13,1; 1Cor 14,2-27 ; 1Cor 14, 39 !!!
    They can not be learned ! As long you will try remember some words and just repeat them- wont work! They are gift from Holy Spirit and comes out while praying , they are coming out from YOUR HEART !! – not mind!the difference ?-Try say somebody about your love from the heart ( if you really move your fillings you can forget about head !) and later try just from your mind leaving your heart on the shelf – I hope you will see the difference!
    4-Holy Laughter -if its come naturally while worshiping -it just gives you so much joy that you can not handle any more , you are looking at others and just start laughing so hard and it is because of joy !(comes from your heart, through Spirit)

    If it is made by purpose – comes from mind not spirit ( I saw something like that on TV as a recommendation of some church – as a treatment for stress- is wrong!

  2. Sister permalink
    2-6-2008 01:08

    O.K. here is the end of subject “salvation” from assistance page (if you can connect it together it will be great )
    There will be some scriptures ( many!!!) Please be patient and read it all!

    1-disobedience and consequences (just in New Tes )
    Hebr3,6; 3,14
    Heb10, 26-31
    Ef 4,17-5,11
    Gal6,7-8 ; Gal 5,19-21
    Rom8,6-9 ; 8,13 Rom 6
    IJohn1,6 ;2,4 ; 2,15-17

    2- Fruits – what if bad ?
    Heb 6,4-8(rain- Holy Spirit and what is growing bad is going to be burned )
    Rev John 3,3-5 ; 2,17 ; 2,10 ; 3,15-21
    Mt3,8-10(12) ; 7,16-20 ; 12,33
    Lk3,8-9 ; 6,43-44 ; 13,9

    3-fight up to the end
    2Tym 7,8 ; 2,11-12
    Mk 13,13
    Mt10,22 ; 24,13
    James 1,12-15

    Let God bless you and help us all in this run in to His Kingdom ! It is worthy even in present live we will see the blessing !His promises are wonderful and real ! I know the taste of them already and have many testimonies to tell ! Just open your heart let Him in and do His work !If you do tiny step ahead into Him He will make ten to you – it want be so hard as it may be seen – just dive into His love !
    God Bless YOU
    Sister in Christ

  3. 6-6-2008 21:11

    There are several more parts of this movie, I was amazed that it did not show the continuing parts after show the movie. Sorry I was not aware they did not link more parts too their own work, humm.

    Regards to the scripture you opened for me to follow up with, I think you know I do not just read what you write I read either the chapter or the surroundings of what you gave me. Never think you have sinned against the Holy Spirit of God, if it has entered your mind that you may have I think it is not true. But God is the ultimate Just one.
    I will read the remaining (3-fight up to the end) this evening most likely or tomorrow on our four hour ride if not sleeping.
    Nighty night

  4. 26-9-2008 18:55

    EVA ??? How did I miss that????
    Is eva a translation Name? I wonder??
    eve, could be ?

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