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I will admit that I have Judged Harshly in the Past and sometimes I still do, perhaps by simply not knowing enough.  I am still trying to assist and will proceed but with this post of a study. As requested The post has been deleted, and isee my mistakes now and will learn from them.  I repent of them to bring the Proper healing Spirit to alli had done wrong to.
I hope to create a bit better understanding.  I know I have a bit better sight now that’s for sure!
This is about ” evangelists and comments ”

1-miracles in Jesus name
Luke 9, 49-50  (Just a few verses beyond the text, you’ll read of Jesus appointing and sending out 70 disciples, and they had the ability to cast out spirits! See Luke 10:1-20).
whatever this passage means, we can be certain it doesn’t mean that gospel preachers are to refrain from exposing false teachers and false religions. The text affords no ground for that whatever. Gospel preachers are to charge false teachers ”that they teach no other doctrine,” (1 Tim. 1:3). Their duty is to “rebuke” and “exhort,” (2 Tim. 4:2). Every gospel preacher and every Christian must imitate the attitude of Paul who has ”set for the defense of the gospel,” (Phil. 1:17). In regard to those religions, individuals or theological systems not divinely authorized, Jesus said: “Every plant, which my heavenly Father bath not planted, shall be rooted up,” (Matt. 15:7-14). Hence, Jesus never endorsed the rationale of silence or tolerance of anything morally or religiously wrong. Cross referencing Opens a Brighter Light

9:49 =   Nu 11:27-29; Mr 9:38-40; Mr 10:13; Mr 10:14; Ac 4:18; Ac 4:19; Ac 5:28; 1Th 2:16; 3Jo 1:9; 3Jo 1:10

9:50 =   Jos 9:14; Pr 3:5; Pr 3:6; Mt 12:30; Mt 13:28-30; Mt 17:24; Mt 17:26; Mr 9:41; Lu 11:23; Lu 16:13; 1Co 12:3; Php 1:15-18
see Matt. 7:15-20
John ‘s objection was. John didn’t say this man was guilty of some wrong. He didn’t say the unidentified man was teaching false doctrine. The only thing John said was, “he does not follow with us!” Carefully note: John made just the one objection. All we know about this man is what we can gather from John’s statement and the Lord’s reply. All John says is, he was not with them!
Simply if they profess in Christs Name and Only in his name we shall not do anything Unless they preach falsly.  like the RCC, they say Christs name but do not call Him God or our saviour. Also they Place far too many Saints there that do What and Who is Mary?  But I am still leary for they shall be corrected when they are wrong.

Philippians 1,18(14-18)
The former (preaching Christ from envy and rivalry) proclaim Christ
-from selfish ambition,
-not sincerely,
-because they think they can cause trouble for me (Paul) in my imprisonment.

Mk 9,38-41’
Whosoever confesses that “Jesus is the Son of God” has God living in him”‘ (1 John 4:15).
We have an obligation, before God, to “expound unto them the way of God more accurately.” The concern is not to prove “us” to be right and all others to be wrong, but for the safety of priceless souls. It is not done for boasting and seeking dominion over others. It is a matter of keeping our trust as good stewards and caring enough for the alien sinner to help him understand what he needs to do to have the everlasting benediction of God. It springs from a sincere desire to have all men to obey him who is the “author of eternal salvation to all them that obey him.”
A love for truth and lost souls compels us to warn that when Jesus comes in judgment he will take vengeance on “them that obey not the gospel” (2 Thess. 1:7­8).

We must keep in mind that there is one faith (Eph. 4:5). Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). Paul told Timothy to “charge some that they teach no other doctrine” (1 Tim. 1:3). Paul warned:

If any man teacheth a different doctrine, and consenteth not to sound words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; he is puffed up, knowing nothing, but doting about questionings and disputes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, wranglings of men corrupted in mind and bereft of the truth, supposing that godliness is a way of gain (1 Tim. 6:3­5)

2-sin against Holy Spirit
Mat 12,31-32(22-32)
Mk 3,22-30(why -30!
)Jesus was baptized because He had to fulfill the Old Testament requirements for entering into the priesthood. He was a priest after the order of Melchizedek (Psalm 110:4; Heb. 5:8-10; 6:20). Priests offered sacrifice to God on behalf of the people. Jesus became a sacrifice for our sin (1 Pet. 2:21; 2 Cor. 5:21) in His role as priest. According to the Old Testament, in order for a priest to be consecrated as a priest, He had to be washed with water (Lev. 8:6; Exodus 29:4, Matt. 3:15) and anointed with oil (Lev. 8:12; Exodus 29:7; Matt. 3:16). Both of these were bestowed upon Jesus at His baptism. Additionally, He may have needed to be 30 years old – (Num. 4:3).
The oil is representative of the Holy Spirit who descended upon Jesus at His baptism (Matt. 3:16). It was after His baptism that He began His ministry and started performing miracles. He did His miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit who had come upon Him at His baptism. The Pharisees – who knew that Jesus’ miracles validated His words and ministry (see John 11:45-48) – were attempting to discredit Jesus’ Messiahship by saying that His works were by the devil and not by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, when the Pharisees accused Jesus of casting out demons by the power of Satan, they were blaspheming the Holy Spirit by whom Jesus performed His miracles.  This is unforgivable because it struck at the very heart of the redemptive work of God in Christ. It struck at the very nature of Jesus’ ministry of redemption, testimony, and teaching. Jesus was ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit Himself, fulfilling the divine plan of God to provide a sacrifice for our sins (John 3:16; 1 John 4:10). The Pharisees were attributing this to demonic activity. This is a great blasphemy. Wwho has been born again (John 3:7), made a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17), and received eternal life (John 10:27-28) actually commit the unforgivable sin? He cannot. Jesus Himself said that we have eternal life, not conditional life: “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they shall never perish; and no one shall snatch them out of My hand.” Besides, it says in 2 Cor. 5:17 that the Christian is a new creation in Christ. We are different, no longer slaves to the old nature (Rom. 6:14). We are regenerated by the Holy Spirit.
There is no biblical support for a believer committing this sin. It just hasn’t happened. Also, if you are worried that you may have committed the sin and can’t be forgiven, then don’t be concerned. If you are worrying about it, then you haven’t committed it. If you are worried about it, then that is a sign that you have not committed it. If you had, you wouldn’t be concerned.

3- Judging
Rom 2,1-2
I Co 4,1-5
Simply, You are to abstain from judging a “fellow Christians” in matters that are non-essential. You are not to avoid fellowship with him, or ignore him. Instead you are to accept, to love, and to be in harmony with him. Will you do that? Will you decide to love your brother even though he doesn’t believe the same as you? Will you ask the Lord to forgive you of your judgmental attitudes? Seek the Lord and His abounding love so that you might show it to your brother. Amen.

God is a stickler for the details of his law. A quick reminder of Nadab, Abihu, Uzzah, Ananias, Sapphira, Peter at Galatia, and the man who picked up sticks on the Sabbath is enough to prove that God will allow no tampering with his statutes, no matter how slight the thing may seem to us.

God’s Word is immutable simply because it is God’s Word. No one of sound mind would be content to go to the final judgment having ignored a jot or tittle of the commandments of the Lord. The only safe course is to do precisely and exactly what God tells us to do in exactly and precisely the way God tells us to do it. Anything else is folly.

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