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Now your more aware of some of the Bad news, Here is the Good news!!!


Erhöhtes Risiko

FINANCIAL RED ALERT: Special Q-Files Broadcast: Steve Quayle and John Galt: The Coming Weeks of Financial Peril – Beyond your Worst Nightmare! Tune in Sunday Sept. 28, 7:00pm EST

Its NOT God that causes BAD things to happen – but humans themselves.

America has turned away from God.
America was once a great nation – with many blessings.
America kicked God out of its school
Americans murdered their own babies
Agreed to every evil that is an abomination to God.

Look around you, what do you see – GREED – CORRUPTION – FILTH – and every fowl thing.

Please open your windows media player and right click on the top left corner you should see a menu open, On the word”File” you will see “Open URL”

OK a small little window appears with a blank spot in it. Now drag your mouse across the http: till the x so it is all blue.

Right click on he blue area and click copy now place your mouse on the little window right click and pase it there, Click OK
A little more eye opening Good info from me a hypocrite too

Luke4 should have been posted more often in my posts.

On these frames below they will take you to the site and there is a yellow area. Right click on this yellow area and get properties…. copy all the text after the “@” symbol. Click on Picture for larger view.

Now paste this in to your media player just as you did above..ctrl U


Beyond the Grave
Beyond the Grave

Eventually your physical life will end. What will happen when you die? Is there life after death? Discover surprising answers!
These Graves Will Open
These Graves Will Open

Contrary to popular belief, the Bible says nothing about an immortal soul. What truly happens at death? You need to know!
A Place Called Hell
A Place Called Hell

Could a merciful, compassionate God truly allow people to suffer in grisly, eternal torture in hell? What is the real truth?
A Place Called Hell
The Myth of the Immortal Soul

Does the Bible really say humans have souls that are released from the body at death? Discover the shocking truth!
Is There Life After Death?
Is There Life After Death?

Where are our loved ones who have died? Will we ever see them again? What is the real truth? Prepare to be challenged!
Better Than Heaven
Better than Heaven

Many believe that when good people die their souls go to heaven. Is this really true? What happens at death? Don’t miss this!

“When God wills to punish a people or a kingdom, he takes away from it the good and godly teachers and preachers, and bereaves it of wise, godly, and honest rulers and counsellors, and of brave, upright, and experienced soldiers, and of good men.”

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  1. 15-10-2009 19:24

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