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Remember, why is that man knows the word remember but never really does?


Remember is a word we even understand yet we seem to never do it. My gosh it is like reading God’s Word and never doing what it says!

Oh I am so ashamed, Remember what Christ said if you cannot follow man how on earth are you going to follow God?

Now sit back RELAX a bit and think about this…………………………………………….

The Forgotten Commandment

Now what about the Holy Spirit, how are you going to assist in buliding the Kingdom of God if you are breaking the harmony of GOD?

I see that my Breteren are ready to come and assist you to come to know Christ Jesus personally. I am awaiting God’s Spirit to Guide me there, so far Satan has stopped me.

God Bless you too, Forgiveness is not too difficult, but when reason does not wish it I’ll pray for you as I always try too.

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