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Google says that 1 in 1,000 Web pages is infected with malicious drive by download software.

Be aware of what your computer directs you to for search engines, be aware of the links inside the search engine results.

The Web is scarier than most people realize, according to research published recently by Google.

The search engine giant trained its Web crawling software on billions of Web addresses over the past year looking for malicious pages that tried to attack their visitors. They found more than 3 million of them, meaning that about one in 1,000 Web pages is malicious, according to Neils Provos, a senior staff software engineer with Google.

These Web-based attacks, called “drive-by downloads” by security experts, have become much more common in recent years as firewalls and better security practices by Microsoft have made it harder for worms and viruses to directly attack computers.

In the past year the Web sites of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” movie and the Miami Dolphins were hacked, and the MySpace profile of Alicia Keys was used to attack visitors.…85;fp;4;fpid;16


Everyone loves web video, Now be Alert!!, nasty videos give nasty malware plus…..

Just warning there is very few active anti viral programs that see this. So please read the following!!!

18 February 2008, 10:55
Web video nasties being used to spread malware
Videos containing reactions to video nasties and giving links to movies themselves have been flooding the internet for weeks. Now that viral distribution has obtained sufficient visibility, it’s apparently time to cash in. Swindlers are riding the nausea wave and attempting to foist their garbage, as a special codec, on the masses seeking personal experience.

Videos mainly aimed at inspiring disgust in the viewer have been with us almost as long as the web. This enormous publicity has attracted thousands more of the inquisitive to the sites from which the video nasties could be downloaded free of charge.

Read the entirety of article……

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