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Firefox & No script fix?


Firefox 3.0.3 is a stability and security update to Firefox 2.0.0.x.

If you have not downloaded it yet what are you waiting for?
Goto and check your versions
Be sure to check Thunderbird’s too!

Securing Your Web Browsers document
This will show for the old Firefox but you will be able to find the settings. Scroll above Firefox is your core Browser Internet Explorer, Please Do what they say there ALSO for it is the core of your system. Safari is just below the starting point. Thunderbird disables JavaScript by default.

Do not forget NOSCRIPT!!


NoScript 1.8

+ Updated translations Für Andere Sprachen!!

x Fixed about dialog size to correctly show contributor list in any language


Click on your Firefox “tools” ADD ONS and update!!

Same with your Thunderbird some ADD ONS may require updating!

To assist try this……


2.Uninstall FFS

3.That should get the old bad one get out, Also be sure to have the latest version FireFox. 2.0….

If this has not worked for you then delete it manually. *I really do not suggest this but it can be attempted, *or* just remove the Firefox from the computer, then delete all files in Programs folder then install new one, then get no script.

MAke A Comment if the above has worked or not then I will post what else could be done.

Wann es ist nicht so einfach gegangen ist das schribe mir unten und Ich zeich dir denn Harten weg wird er hat mir es gesgacht.


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