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Troubles with sending mail from Sympatico?


Seems to me this a reoccuring issue.

I have found that Sympatico security pack is a contributing factor to this problem so They too are unaware of this, if an ISP cannot fix their own troubles without you having to change the settings I recommend GET RID OF THEM!!  And yes many do this but they just follow their riduculious guidelines, PLEAS DO NOT UNINSTAL A FIREWALL AT ANY GIVEN POINT OF TIME!!!

After working extensively with a client I see there is a problem in the transmitions of passwords from any e-mail client to Sympatico servers. So in order to assist everyone I have posted a possible solution to fix it.

Now please write a comment if this helps you.

Click on this picture for a full page view, Make it bigger!


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  1. 31-3-2008 13:50

    I have to say that Sympatico is not very helpful to this problem. they seem to assume that it is the Antivirus causing the troubles, I have disabled the AV and there is still no response from their server. I know this due to the fact the e-mail client does not ask for the password to the outgoing server. So I leave it to you use another email reader which i have done only to see it works for a limited time, then the same results happened. Best bet is change your provider!! I have to suggest Sentex, Primus, or is also OK.
    Your choice all. I have had enough with asking Bell Sympatico to assist in this problem. Never EVER DISABLE any AV or Firewall for any reason, for they are not the problem!! Do not take out security programs cuz someone asks you to!

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