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ANTWORT auf dein Schicksal


*German – Gott segne dich!; Ich liebe Gott; Gott ist heilig; Gott ist rechtmässig; Gott ist vertrauensvoll; Gott ist gut; Gott ist gnädig; Gott ist grossartig; Gott ist mächtig; Gott ist weise; Der Herr ist mein Hirte, mir wird nichts mangeln; Nur Gott kann mich richten

*English – God bless you!; I love God; God is holy; God is rightful; God is faithful; God is good; God is merciful; God is great; God is powerful; God is wise; The God/Lord is my sheperd and nothing I will miss; Only God can judge me

*French – Que Dieu te bénisse! J’aime Dieu; Dieu est saint; Dieu est juste; Dieu est fidèle; Dieu est bon; Dieu est miséricordieux; Dieu est grand; Dieu est puissant; Dieu est sage; Dieu/Le Seigneur est mon berger et je ne manquerai de rien; Dieu seul peut me juger

*Portuguese – Deus te abençoe!; Eu amo Deus; Deus é sagrado; Deus é justo; Deus é fiel; Deus é bom; Deus é piedoso; Deus é grande; Deus é poderoso; Deus é sábio; O Senhor é meu pastor e nada me faltará; Só Deus me pode julgar

*Spanish – ¡Qué Dios te bendiga!; amo a Dios; Dios es santo; Dios es justo; Dios es fiel; Dios es bondadoso; Dios es misericordioso; Dios es grande; Dios es poderoso; Dios es sabio; Dios/El Señor es mi pastor, nada me falta; solo Dios puede juzgarme*Hungarian – Áldjon meg az Isten! Szeretem Istent. Isten szent, Isten igazságos, Isten hűséges, Isten jó, Isten kegyelmes, Isten hatalmas, Isten erős, Isten bölcs.

*Dutch – Gezegend zij God! Ik hou van God; God is heilig, God is rechtvaardig, God is trouw; God is goed; Goed is barmhartig; God is groots; God is machtig; God is wijs; God / De Heer is mijn herder en niets zal me tekortkomen; Enkel God kan over mij oordelen

*Italian – Che Dio ti benedica! Io amo Dio; Dio è santo; Dio è giusto; Dio è fedele; Dio è buono; Dio è misericordioso; Dio è grande; Dio è potente; Dio è saggio; Dio/Il Signore è il mio pastore e nulla mi mancherà; Solo Dio può giudicarmi

Regarding watching the following movies and using Firefox with no-script.

Please follow closely…..

Every time I say click I mean the left click, I will say right-click when you ned to do the right hand side of the mouse. B click is using the ball in the center of the mouse… Hover your mouse above the Link and press your ball on the mouse to get a Tabbed new page. Try this now… LINK here, now press your Bclick on the “link” above.

Now you will see above your firefox TWO (2) tabs

see the other tab…………..

So now the button below this is a link when you hover your mouse on this and “BCLICK” you will see a short film in Adobe flash.
Be sure your settings (look for the version you have then be sure your global settings are tight for using the following of any pages on the internet.

Another Interview with God
Are You Going to heaven??:
Did you notice the Link above? Ok BCLICK it and then all computers have windows media player so click on 128 if you have High speed. Now you’ll see a blank page BLACK right click on the area that is not black………..
click the word Properties!
And no a small window opens called element properties The bottom says Title, then Object in triangle brackets….
See the “@” symbol??
Copy all the http:// till the end and open windows media player in your computer by clicking “START” > all programs……
Once open right click till you see the word file then it will say open URL click this and a window appears, paste that http:// in thee and allow your media player access to the internet, Now you can watch ALL the movies in your computer in Full video screen!!
Have fun! 🙂 :0

Watch our OTHER films

Ist Jesus Christus die Antwort??
Schau mal diese Seite an schone Filme dabei für ein besser verstandenes!
Er kann die Leere in Deinem Herzen füllen. Er kann Dir Frieden und Freude geben.

Laufendes Video und Besonderes

Click here for The HOPE, a free, on-line motion picture presentation Die Geschichte von Gottes Versprechen an alle Menschen – schön und klar erzählt von Anfang an. Entdecke Die HOFFNUNG!

Raus genommen!! Achtung, wegen REALPLAYER!!! Druck mal Heir alles auf Englisch leider:(

Raus genommen!! Achtung, wegen REALPLAYER!!! Druck mal Heir alles auf Englisch leider:(

ANTWORTEN auf dein Schicksal in der Ewigkeit


Jesus Christ can help you find the answers for which you have been searching. He can fill the emptiness in your heart. He can give you peace and joy.
See this site for amazing films with a better understanding of the Bible an neater fit.

Omitted!!! cause of realplayer actions BADWARE!!! see this page…..

Click here for The HOPE, a free, on-line motion picture presentation   The story of God’s promise for all people — told beautifully and clearly from the beginning. Discover The HOPE!

Omitted!!! cause of realplayer actions BADWARE!!! see this page…..

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