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Before we start lets do a small reminder of a man in 1535 who studied God’s word throughly, and created a reformation in Germany, His name was Martin Luther. He said this then, Oh! How silly, man forgets History so soon, History is important!

“The ungodly papists prefer the authority of the church far above God’s Word, a blasphemy abominable and not to be endured; wherewith, void of all shame and piety, they spit in God’s face. Truly, God’s patience is exceedingly great, in that they be not destroyed; but so it has always been.”

“Little children are saved only by faith without any good works; therefore faith alone justifies.”

These are PPT

PPT Shown

A Teaching

Luther Christ Saves Deutsches


Judgement….. Deutsches

The Gift

Das Geschenk

Your Simple Choice

Ihre einfache Wahl Deutsch

God bless you and may Christs will be done in you forever.

The World System currently!

“…the god of this world…” 2 Corinthians 4:4

Perhaps if you read the entire Chapter 11 in II Corinthians you will see this a bit better now.

Since the time of Adam, God has shown man His truth. Apostles and prophets have been slaughtered for delivering God’s precious truth. Man has had ample opportunity and has failed utterly.

Now Christ is about to intervene and bring us His glorious justice.

Of which Kingdom do you wish to be??

God’s or Satan’s?

Remember Religion is of this world Following Christ is the best way, If you know the Old ways of the world you will see what was done by the old religions, keep it simple read for the very word of the Bible.  Not all answers will be given unto you right away, but when you seek they may come.  May His will be found in you.

What about the millions of members of other churches or religions? SATAN is the great counterfeiter. Satan has his churches, his religions, and his ministers in those religions and churches (II Cor. 11:13-15). What about the millions of people in traditional established “Christian” churches? In the book of Revelation, the TRUE Church is pictured in the 12th chapter as the persecuted “little flock,” many martyred–put to death for their faith–having to FLEE for safety from persecution, torture and death. In chapter 17 is pictured the big, politically and worldly powerful churches, headed by “mother” “Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” (verse 5). In other words, the ancient “Babylonian Mystery” religion, out of whom have gone daughter churches in protest. This politically great church was the persecutor of “the saints” (verse 6). This false church, politically great, sits astride a “beast” pictured in chapter 13 as a government ruling by power of “the dragon” who (Rev. 12.9) is Satan the devil. This is shocking, but plainly revealed in God’s Word! What about those, in such churches, who profess being “born- again Christians”? They are DECEIVED! They may be ever so sincere. They do not know they are deceived and wrong in their beliefs. But they are not now being judged! They are neither condemned to the lake of fire nor “saved.” They are among the WHOLE WORLD, swayed by the deceptions of Satan, CUT OFF from God!
It must be repeated–they shall have their eyes opened to God’s TRUTH if still living after Christ comes and Satan is removed–or, if dead before then, resurrected and called to truth and salvation in the Great White Throne Judgment resurrection (Rev. 20:11-12).

See this *Page* for a bit more info to see how to avoid Satan’s deception!!
Remember he is a very good deceiver!! Even can resemble god of light.

The Presents of God ministry

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

Here are a few more pieces of a very complex puzzle:

Pagan Vatican Becomes Illuminized (from bad to worse!):

  • The Pope and the New World Order
  • The actual First Pope
  • Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church
  • The Jesuit Oath (“Red“paragraph not for the faint of heart!)
  • Vatican war crimes
  • VIDEO of Eleven prophecies proving the Pope is ANTICHRIST! (18 mins)
  • Over 2 dozen prophecies exposing Vatican as home to ANTICHRIST!
  • “Faithful Christians should heed only the embassy of our blessed Savior Christ, and what he says. All they who alter and construe the gospel through human authority, power and repute, act very unchristlike and against God.”

    “False Christians that boast of the gospel, and yet bring no good fruits, are like the clouds without rain, wherewith the whole element is overshadowed, gloomy and dark, and yet no rain falls to fructify the ground: even so, many Christians affect great sanctity and holiness, but they have neither faith nor love towards God, nor love towards their neighbor.

    The Bible is the proper book for men. There the truth is distinguished from error far more clearly than anywhere else, and one finds something new in it every day. For twenty-eight years, since I became a doctor, I have now constantly read and preached the Bible; and yet I have not exhausted it but find something new in it every day”

    The above three quotes or from Martin Luther

    Remember the servant will suffer just as the Lord…. well the other Jesus is above now the persecutions of Christians has Come…………..

    Christians around the world prayed Sunday, November 11, for millions of Christians persecuted for their faith.
    The situation for Christians allegedly “worsened” in 2007, they were requesting prayers. Special attention was asked for at least hundreds of thousands of former Muslims who face violence, death threats and imprisonment because of their conversion to Christianity. Read More from this site…..

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