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StopBadware: Trusted Web sites are being hacked and don’t even know it


It’s getting harder and harder to know who to trust on the World Wide Web, according to online safety advocates


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Vorsicht bei PDF-DateienSchwachstelle im AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

Im PDF-Betrachter "Adobe Reader" wurde eine Sicherheitslücke entdeckt, durch die ein Angreifer die Kontrolle über einen PC übernehmen oder Schadsoftware installieren kann. Dazu genügt bereits das Öffnen speziell präparierter PDF-Dokumente.

Yes this is becoming serious folks, now lets face it if you have not done any form of benefit to any of the free programs perhaps you shall consider buying into the professional version from them, According to they list many TRUSTED sites with server takeovers that are not aware!!! Sans said today they found a childrens safe site loading *BAD WORD porn* on the server where children go. People it is time to get cleaned up!!! A-Squared should show you what is going on, my very net page will assist you and the following one also get up to snuff quick please……

Read more at Info world, ………
In January, for example, the Web sites of Dolphin Stadium and the Miami Dolphins, hosts to the 2007 Super Bowl U.S. football championship, were found to have been hacked and were serving up malicious software, just days before the Super Bowl

So with all this badware, is the Internet a more dangerous place to be?

It’s a tough question, Weinstein says, but he believes things are getting better, largely because people are getting smarter about what they do online. “I think the bad guys are always trying to stay a step ahead of the average users,” he said. However, “people are learning, and I think that is having an effect.”

“I’d like to think that our effort, and other efforts like ours, are actually making a substantial difference.”

Your ISP [Internet Service Provider] must take some responsibility too, They need to be more up to date also and take over the user policy and enforce it dramatically, some do I know, others need to take more!! Lets clean up everyone’s security awareness cuz we are falling behind………

With the volume of malware attacks growing so rapidly, Over the first six months of 2007, anti-virus applications market leader Symantec found a total of 212,101 new malware variants, an astonishing 185 percent increase over the second half of 2006, totaling an average of well over 1100 unique samples arriving per day. The pressure on AV research labs to find and defend against new threats to keep their products up to date and customers ahead of the curve has never been greater.

Based on the sheer number of threats, and the sprawl of massive research operations such as Symantec’s 40,000 sensor-strong Global Intelligence Network, some experts maintain that only a few of the largest labs will be able to compete in the long run.

Beyond Symantec and its biggest rivals — including McAfee, Microsoft, and Trend Micro — it will be unlikely that additional AV researchers and technology vendors will be able to remain relevant, said Neil MacDonald, a longtime security industry analyst with Gartner.

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These signs are created and served by’s webserver in real-time for each person that views them. Your IP address and other information are only visible to YOU, not to others, but because people see their own IP address and computer information displayed on a blog or in a public forum, they think that their information can be seen by everyone!

Read the privacy policy for more details.

Blockierung selbst definierter Websites mit “HOSTS”

Schau mal die Siete wo steht;

Personal Security for your computer, Da steht es wie Hosts file sind auf Spybot, und auch MVP Hosts ist da oben von Spybot.


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