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Q What really happens?

As far as you know, does the earth revolve around the sun or does the sun revolve around the earth?

Place your answer in comments I will create a new Post soon,

Die Frage ist, was ist werklich am passeriern?

Soweit wie du weißt, rotiert die Welt um die Sonne, oder rotiert die Sonne um die Welt?

Bitte gib mir deine Antwort in Anmerkungen legen, dann kann ich Gliech Ihr alle einen Antwort Geben.

“How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’.”-Martin Luther

Danke, Thank You,

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  1. 13-8-2007 10:11

    though I am tempted to say in some metaphysical sense, that both revolve; yet the fact is that the earth revolves around the sun…
    …is this a trick question?

    I mean, of course, the sun too is in the expansive-motion of the universe, but it doesn’t go around the earth!

  2. Terry Groves permalink
    15-8-2007 18:44

    The earth revolves around the sun.

  3. Stefan permalink
    15-8-2007 19:45

    Hi Ric, as far as I know the earth revolves arround the sun, but everything revolves arround love
    ….. and off course Schalke 04

  4. Stefan permalink
    15-8-2007 21:53

    erde dreht sich um die sonne, alles dreht sich um die Liebe und ……
    um Schalke 04

  5. Angelique permalink
    16-8-2007 00:33

    Everybody knows that the earth revolves around the sun but I bet you won’t put that question if you did not have to say something different …So I am curious to hear more ūüôā

  6. Guenter permalink
    16-8-2007 01:59

    Earth revolves around the sun.

  7. Bill Rieck permalink
    16-8-2007 14:15

    the earth revolves around the sun if you use the universal frames of reference. (or most FOR). But everything will revolve around the earth if you use the earth as your frame of refeerence.

    Really its all relative.

  8. frank permalink
    16-8-2007 16:00

    everything revolves around me !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Gerry B permalink
    16-8-2007 22:08

    Yes the earth revoles around the sun and it takes 365 day;s to do it. Lord only now;s how it come about but it is in the hand of him alone .

  10. John Mac permalink
    18-8-2007 12:35

    The Earth is constantly falling towards the Sun, but its momentum carries it perpendicularly away from the Sun, resulting in a (nearly circular) elliptical orbit.

  11. 10-10-2007 05:08

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