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What Luther says is as Pertinent today as it always has been. (As stated in the Bible)


“God very wonderfully entrusts his highest office to preachers that are themselves poor sinners who, while teaching it, very weakly follow it.”

Martin Luther

The reason for what we go through, it’s trials but we must abide in His promise! Thank God for His Son!

What is above is exactly what my purpose was and is and will always be for His Eternal Kingdom.


O Lord, Look Down from Heaven
by Martin Luther, 1483-1546

1. O Lord, look down from heaven, behold and let Thy pity waken: how few are we within Thy Fold, Thy saints by men forsaken! True faith seems quenched on every hand, men suffer not Thy Word to stand. Dark times have us o’ertaken.

2. With fraud which they themselves invent Thy truth they have confounded. Their hearts are not with one consent on Thy pure doctrine grounded. While they parade with outward show, they lead the people to and fro, in error’s maze astounded.

3. May God root out all heresy and of false teachers rid us who proudly say: “Now, where is he That shall our speech forbid us? By right or might we shall prevail. What we determine cannot fail. We have no lord and master.”

4. Therefore saith God, “I must arise, the poor My help are needing. To Me ascend My people’s cries, and I have heard their pleading. For them My saving Word shall fight and fearlessly and sharply smite, the poor with might defending.”

5. As silver tried by fire is pure from all adulteration, so through God’s Word shall men endure each trial and temptation. Its light beams brighter through the cross, and, purified from human dross, it shines through every nation.

6. Thy truth defend, O God, and stay this evil generation; and from the error of their way keep Thine own congregation. The wicked everywhere abound and would Thy little flock confound; But Thou art our Salvation.

I am to cling to Christ alone;
He has taught neither too much nor too little.
He has taught me to know God the Father, has revealed Himself to me, and has also acquainted me with the Holy Spirit.
He has also taught me how to live and how to die and has told me what to hope for.
What more would I want?

Wenn ich wüste das Morgen der Herr kommt, würde ich Heute noch einen Baum pflanzen.

“The ungodly papists prefer the authority of the church far above God’s Word, a blasphemy abominable and not to be endured; wherewith, void of all shame and piety, they spit in God’s face. Truly, God’s patience is exceedingly great, in that they be not destroyed; but so it has always been.”

“Little children are saved only by faith without any good works; therefore faith alone justifies.”

“Sins against the Holy Ghost are, first, presumption; second, despair; third, opposition to and condemnation of known truth; fourth, not to wish well, but to grudge one’s brother or neighbor the grace of God; fifth, to be hardened; sixth, to be penitent.”

“Wer ein Christ sein will, der steche seiner Vernunft die Augen aus!”

“Upright and faithful Christians ever think they are not faithful, nor believe as they ought; and therefore they constantly strive, wrestle, and are diligent to keep and to increase faith, as good workmen always see that something is wanting in their workmanship.”

“Upright Christians pray without ceasing; though they pray not always with their mouths, yet their hearts pray continually, sleeping and waking; for the sigh of a true Christian is a prayer.”

“The true church is an assembly or congregation depending on that which does not appear, nor may be comprehended in mind, namely, God’s Word; what that says, they believe without addition, giving God the honour.”

“Where God’s Word is purely taught, there is also the upright and true church; for the true church is supported by the Holy Ghost, not by succession or inheritance.”

“Faithful Christians should heed only the embassy of our blessed Savior Christ, and what he says. All they who alter and construe the gospel through human authority, power and repute, act very unchristlike and against God.”

“False Christians that boast of the gospel, and yet bring no good fruits, are like the clouds without rain, wherewith the whole element is overshadowed, gloomy and dark, and yet no rain falls to fructify the ground: even so, many Christians affect great sanctity and holiness, but they have neither faith nor love towards God, nor love towards their neighbor.”

“The Bible is the proper book for men. There the truth is distinguished from error far more clearly than anywhere else, and one finds something new in it every day. For twenty-eight years, since I became a doctor, I have now constantly read and preached the Bible; and yet I have not exhausted it but find something new in it every day”

If God promises something, then faith must fight a long and bitter fight, for reason or the flesh judges that God’s promises are impossible. Therefore faith must battle against reason and its doubts………….

Faith is something that is busy, powerful and creative, though properly speaking, it is essentially an enduring than a doing. It changes the mind and heart. While reason holds to what is present, faith apprehends the things that are not seen. Contrary to reason, faith regards the invisible things as already materialized.

This explains why faith, unlike hearing is not found in many, for only few believe, while the great majority cling to the things that are present and can be felt and handled rather than to the Word. ~ Martin Luther, The Promises

One more saying that I can agree with whole Holy holy, hope you can too:)

Faith and the Spirit go together, but the Spirit is not always revealed. So Cornelius had the Holy Spirit before Peter came to him, although he didn’t know it. Those in the book of Acts who said, “We don’t know the Holy Spirit,” also had the Spirit, just as the patriarchs in the Old Testament had Christ, although they didn’t know him. They clung to the word, and through it they received the Holy Spirit. Later in the book of Acts he was manifested to them outwardly. It’s to be understood thus: The Word comes first, and with the Word the Spirit breathes upon my heart so that I believe. Then I feel that I have become a different person and I recognize that the Holy Spirit is there. Accordingly these are two things: to have the Holy Spirit and to know that you have him. When somebody speaks in your ear, you hardly hear his words before you feel his breath, so strong is the breath. Even so, when the Word is proclaimed, the Holy Spirit accompanies it and breathes upon your heart. — Luther’s Tabletalk

sollte auch ergind wo in Deutsch sein.


Einladung zum Gnadenbunde Gottes

1Wohlan, aalle, die ihr durstig seid, kommt her zum Wasser! Und die ihr kein Geld habt, kommt her, kauft und eßt! Kommt her und kauft ohne Geld und umsonst Wein und Milch! 2Warum zählt ihr Geld dar für das, was kein Brot ist, und sauren Verdienst für das, was nicht satt macht? Hört doch auf mich, so werdet ihr Gutes essen und euch am Köstlichen laben. 3Neigt eure Ohren her und kommt her zu mir! Höret, so werdet ihr leben! bIch will mit euch einen ewigen Bund schließen, euch die beständigen Gnaden Davids zu geben. 4Siehe, ich habe ihn den Völkern zum Zeugen bestellt, zum Fürsten für sie und zum Gebieter. 5Siehe, du wirst Heiden rufen, die du nicht kennst, und Heiden, die dich nicht kennen, werden zu dir laufen um des HERRN willen, deines Gottes, und des Heiligen Israels, der dich herrlich gemacht hat.

a: Joh 7,37; Offb 22,17 b: 2. Sam 7,8-16; Jer 31,31-34; Apg 13,34

Gottes wunderbarer Weg

6aSuchet den HERRN, solange er zu finden ist; rufet ihn an, solange er nahe ist. 7Der Gottlose blasse von seinem Wege und der Übeltäter von seinen Gedanken und bekehre sich zum HERRN, so wird er sich seiner erbarmen, und zu unserm Gott, denn cbei ihm ist viel Vergebung. 8Denn meine Gedanken sind nicht eure Gedanken, und deure Wege sind nicht meine Wege, spricht der HERR, 9sondern soviel der Himmel höher ist als die Erde, so sind auch meine Wege höher als eure Wege und meine Gedanken als eure Gedanken. 10Denn gleichwie der Regen und Schnee vom Himmel fällt und nicht wieder dahin zurückkehrt, sondern feuchtet die Erde und macht sie fruchtbar und läßt wachsen, daß sie gibt Samen, zu säen, und Brot, zu essen, 11so soll das Wort, das aus meinem Munde geht, auch sein: eEs wird nicht wieder leer zu mir zurückkommen, sondern wird tun, was mir gefällt, und ihm wird gelingen, wozu ich es sende. 12Denn ihr sollt in Freuden ausziehen und im Frieden geleitet werden. fBerge und Hügel sollen vor euch her frohlocken mit Jauchzen und alle Bäume auf dem Felde in die Hände klatschen. 13Es sollen Zypressen statt Dornen wachsen und Myrten statt Nesseln. Und dem HERRN soll es zum Ruhm geschehen und zum ewigen Zeichen, das nicht vergehen wird. g

a: Jer 29,13-14; Am 5,4 b: Hes 18,27; 33,11 c: Ps 130,4 d: Röm 11,33 e: Mt 13,8 f: Jes 44,23 g: Jes 41,19-20

Are we not all of God and God has given us the Bible for the understanding of Him.

Bible stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. If you wish to hide this or need Info such as logging In I do not think it is of God’s will.

Ric:^D. Brother in Christ, Christ Jesus our Only saviour has His hand on the door ready to come and bring Justice to this World!

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  1. Jerome Delaney permalink
    21-1-2009 03:53

    Would like to see the comment from “What Luther Says,” that says something like “the word is like a rainstorm; it comes to a nation for a while and then moves on.” The Romans had it and now they have the Turks.” It was something like that. This seems like a great site and I am bookmarking it.

    Thanks in advance for your effort.

    Jerome P. Delaney

  2. 21-1-2009 04:37

    Hi Jerome,
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I am not aware of one like this. But that is not to say it is not printed somewhere. Dr. Luther was a good man and very knowledgeable of God our Heavenly Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God has blessed him, and we can see this through his writings.
    The closest quote that barely resembles yours is this one that came to mind. but I may find one a bit closer to yours yet.
    “The human heart is like a ship on a stormy sea driven about by winds blowing from all four corners of heaven.”

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