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BugDoctor? Umm Not but it gives you bugs!!


I had no idea it would be so long that You would take to see this Page……. I had major upload changes and Sacrified the picture. If you wish to see the Picture I may still have it you can reply in comments and I will not post your comment and send you a mailing with the findings, I know the team from Rogueremover is the same ones that have identified the rogue registry changes. I was not sure if the program suggested does remove it, but I figured it would.


After seeing this at your site I suggest you get rid of it ask for your money back for it installs Malware. Just see the Picture below………Click on Picture for BIG picture 🙂

Malware Bugs

Please if you downloaded programs without knowing who or what they really are Use this program to determine what they actually are!!!

At the time I was doing this Program it was not publically available but It Is Now So get it!!


Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

MBAM comes in two versions: a free one, and a paid one. Both are identical, with the exception that the paid version includes real-time protection. The paid version provides a lifetime license for use, updates, upgrades and definition updates without any yearly renewal.

According to the Staff at Malwarebytes, MBAM includes the following features:

  • Updates are frequent, at least twice a day and often much more frequent.
  • Response time to new threats is very fast, generally within an hour of when they are discovered.
  • Scanner is very fast and even in quick scan mode can often detect all malware.
  • Works on 2K , XP and Vista.
  • Free version has full removal functionality, not a trial or crippleware .
  • Works well with antivirus software, with only minimal conflicts; and, the free version provides a test to determine if loading the real-time protection will cause conflicts with other software.
  • Pro version is very light on system resources.
  • Detects and removes many rootkits.
  • MBAM scan and removal app improvements come once a week.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

Download troubles have been resolved GT500 )

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