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*April-19-2009* Security for your Personal Computer! 2/5


Preventing Internet and Spyware Attacks

February 16, 2005 – by Ric Dörner


Internet Storm Center Infocon Status

Hohes Risiko

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.





Thank you for that cleaning first, this will assist you in what you really require and the stuff here are security programs this should ensure that the program functions the way it should. Also note these programs are being used from Win 98 to XP no problem but Ram is required for the best upgrade for your computer and not expensive. )

What you did not clean or even check your computer? Well it is your choice but May I Strongly suggest it is the best thing you can do Right now? Go to This Page…Please, your choice


Secunia Software Inspector detects insecure software. Be sure to Inspect your system as soon as possible to verify if you need to update and patch your system:

Do not forget to check all your programs on that computer of yours, if you have not updated lately they may let BUGS IN!!!!

  • Rogue\Suspect Anti-Spyware List

  • The list above shows all the known BAD programs on the net that are known. Currently there are too many to count and there additions that have higher numbers all the time so be very aware not to install anything that is on this List or that is not known to security people.

    What is Malwarebytes

    Malwarebytes is a site dedicated to fighting spyware. Malwarebytes has a variety of tools that can identify and remove certain malicious software. When your computer becomes infected with spyware, Malwarebytes may provide the needed assistance to remove the spyware infection and restore the machine. Most software created by Malwarebytes is freeware. Your donations help this site develop new programs to combat spyware. Thank you for supporting our efforts and, whatever amount the donation, it is much appreciated. try this very nice program……

    Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

    MBAM comes in two versions: a free one, and a paid one. Both are identical, with the exception that the paid version includes real-time protection. The paid version provides a lifetime license for use, updates, upgrades and definition updates without any yearly renewal.

    According to the Staff at Malwarebytes, MBAM includes the following features:

    • Updates are frequent, at least twice a day and often much more frequent.
    • Response time to new threats is very fast, generally within an hour of when they are discovered.
    • Scanner is very fast and even in quick scan mode can often detect all malware.
    • Works on 2K , XP and Vista.
    • Free version has full removal functionality, not a trial or crippleware .
    • Works well with antivirus software, with only minimal conflicts; and, the free version provides a test to determine if loading the real-time protection will cause conflicts with other software.
    • Pro version is very light on system resources.
    • Detects and removes many rootkits.
    • MBAM scan and removal app improvements come once a week.

    You may download the free/paid MBAM version from the Malwarebytes site here:

    Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

    Download troubles have been resolved GT500 )

    Please if you downloaded programs without knowing who or what they really are Use this program to determine what they actually are!

    Even some good security guys are having trouble being noticed.Trustworthy Anti-Spyware ProductsAnti-Spyware Features & ComparisonsAnti-Spyware Tests

    “+” For those Apple/Mac users, Anti-Spyware for the Mac

  • There are more questions from Mac users about anti-spyware. At this time, the only anti-spyware program that we know of for the Mac is: MacScan

    Tips on securely working with Apple Mac systems. Don’t assume that your machine is secure simply because it’s a Mac. While OS[789X] doesn’t enjoy the sheer volume of badguy attention as other operating systems, the number certainly isn’t zero and you can expect it to grow.

    The majority of Mac versions general Best Practises, but with a few software-specific tweaks. Here is a list: 1. Keep your firewall up – the Mac firewall is decent – use it consistently. 2. Keep patched – its better for Jobs’ engineers to do a job on your computer, than for an intruder to do so. If you want to check for patch problems because your system has critical uptime, I find to be a prompt bellwether for patching issues. Oh, and see #3 3. Back up your system – an external HD and Carbon Copy Cloner is an effective solution for single computers. Back up to an encrypted HD image and/or physically secure your backup disk. 4. Do updates and installs with an administrator account; do your web and email with a different account. 5. Keychain is a huge advantage on the Mac, but definitely use a strong password. I advise one that is over 15 characters to defeat the behind-the-scenes LANMAN hashing that takes place on Macs that provide windows fileshares. 6. Turn on Filevault home directory encryption. As strong as your password x 128-bit AES. Make a strong master password and put it in an envelope and place it with your secret papers (tell your partner/lawyer/boss/spouse where it is, as appropriate). I’ve been using FileVault under Tiger for over a year. My home directory has survived crashes and forced reboots (yah, they happen on Macs) on both Intel & PPC architectures.


  • Preventing Vulnerabilities in Windows and Internet Explorer
    • Improve your safety in Internet Explorer and your Outlook Express.
    • Also really good

      Time for you to learn a bit here for this has just updated sign up for updates for I will no longer post his updates……………

      The MVPS HOSTS file was recently updated [June-21-2009]

      Download: (159 kb)

      How To: Download and Extract the HOSTS file

      HOSTS File – Frequently Asked Questions

      Note: the “text file” version makes a great resourcefor determining possible culprits … (692 kb)

      Sign up for HOSTS file update notices

      Copy the text file above *Be sure it is fully DONE!

      then search for your windows folder.


      right click Hosts file then properties, take out check mark for the moment, and apply.

      now double click the hosts and open with Notepad.

      In notepad find # Start of entries inserted by Spybot – Search & Destroy. the above line should end in 2002. highlight 2002 till the top of notepad and paste the new text version.

      click yes to save file!

      and then right click to aplly the read only check mark and apply the settings again.

      your hosts are now uptodate!


      Note: If you use IE-SPYAD, Spybot Search & Destroy, SpywareGuide Blocklist, SpywareBlaster, a hosts file or any combination of those, please check all protections and re-enable as needed whenever any of the aforementioned is updated. More here

    • Do NOT run as Administrator or an account with Administrator privileges, or use Drop my Rights

    • Build a Layer of Protection – there are enough freeware products available on the Internet that there is no excuse for not having an adequate defence. Add an anti-spyware program that has “real-time” protection such as Microsoft’s Anti-Spyware More. . Windows® Defender Page Add an anti-spyware program that has “real-time” protection such as Microsoft’s Windows Defender is a free program that helps you stay productive by protecting your computer against pop-ups, slow performance and security threats caused by spyware and other potentially unwanted software.

      Grisoft’s AVG is a very popular (freeware) Antivirus and Antispyware finder.Microsoft has several new products “”ONE CARE” IS for those who know what they are doing.- Windows Live Safety Center and Windows OneCare U.S. Only (

  • The Great security site
  • SpinRite surprises many people when it reports that their drives are running WAY too hot.The reason I’m writing is to share the news with you and your readers of a terrific and important new service which Steve and TechTV’s Leo Laporte are offering: Every Thursday afternoon they spend 20 to 25 minutes creating an audio column about personal computer security called “Security Now!”. audio columns can be automatically downloaded through an standard RSS feed “podcast” (for podcast people) or downloaded in two sizes directly from the Security Now! page on Steve Gibson’s site.
    Stay current and make this your “Homepage” Steve keeps up-to-date better than most.

    Then click on the word “SheildsUP!” and read the pages on the bottom after hitting the proceed button. On this next page you could click on the all service ports button to check your connection, Messenger Spam to learn more about cookies and *Most Important* read these pages Please see Explain this to me! below for information about Windows File Sharing and Internet port vulnerabilities.

    I post this here and URGE you to check each of these on your machine, this has changed my tactics for future machines also!!

    All machines have it! I wonder does yours have it too?

    FBI L.E.O. The FBI has Strongly Recommended that
    All Users Immediately Disable Windows’

    Universal Plug n’ Play Support

    This 22 kbyte “UnPlug n’ Pray” utility makes that very
    easy to do . . . and if ever needed, to later undo:

    Now compatible with ALL Versions of Windows! This is a mere 10,655 probe test but there is more there in regards to cookies, messenger spam plus!
    FBI L.E.O. To clarify and demonstrate the feasibility of implementing a simple alteration in the way Microsoft is currently exposing abuse-prone raw sockets to typical Windows users. Now to close them securely…….. WOW there’s a lot more that I thought, won’t hurt to check your system with all of them. Mere seconds to download:)Here is the entire list of His machine language programs that Mr. Gibson has designed for securely securing Windows.

    Hope I have been able to assist you too!!

    The following pages provide additional background, insight, and assistance:


  • The next step will be your way to keep your computer YOURS!!

    All windows updates should be installed a minimum of once per month, preferably every second Tuesday or Wednesday of each month, This must be done before regular use of the internet.

    When one downloads from the internet, please be sure to do the following, this applies to everything but Windows Updates.

    1. Be sure to notice where you place it on your computer

    2. Scan it with your Antivirus program AVG or Avast or BitDefender to be quick right click

    3. After it scans and comes back clean, Double click the “exe” to install it or to get the updated version

    4. If your Av says infected scan your entire computer then go and get it again *not too likely* but if so, also check now with your trojan scanner “A-Squared”.

  • GBAr


    Personal Security for your computer, Da steht es wie Hosts file sind auf Spybot, und auch MVP Hosts ist da oben von Spybot.


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    See anything that you think requires my attention? I have changed somethings due to your requests, If for any reason you have not heard from me please scan your computer with the suggested programs above. Thanks for I do always reply, but the mail has to reach me first. Good Luck.Well then feel free to click on image.I will respond either soon or immediately!rad16.gifTruth is the way things are.

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