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Hi!! Using this Page you will need Macromedia file, Shockwave, and Flash In your system, Please ensure that you have the latest versions, and delete the older versions in your control panel add remove programs!! To do this you can use UDC or Securina Software inspector to make your computer SAFE!! Please do this before contacting me!

If you need assistance on your computer I need more verification about you. If we have done the certification and you have been directed to this page by me then install Skype and then click the crossloop pic. Thanks


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VMware announced the first open source client for virtual desktop infrastructure, VMware View Open Client which enables IT organizations to safely host user desktops in the datacenter, while letting users access their personalized desktop environments from almost any device, at any time.

Now, VMware is providing VMware View Open Client for partners, enabling them to use VMware View source code to optimize their products to deliver virtual desktops to users. In addition, partners will be able to use the source code to help accelerate the development and delivery of solutions for enterprises to provision and manage thousands of virtual desktops simply, securely and at substantially lower operating costs.

This announcement is another important step in VMware‚Äôs vClient Initiative to deliver universal clients ‚Äď desktops that follow users to any end point while providing a rich personalized experienced that is secure, cost-effective and easy for IT to manage.

VMware View Open Client is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (LGPL v 2.1). Some of the features included in this release support secure tunneling using SSL, two factor authentication with RSA SecurID, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Thin Client Add-On RPM package and a full command line interface.

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  1. sister permalink
    6-4-2008 00:56

    Oh and about singing – I love yours…but prefer in english..

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