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Thanks for cleaning 8’D


Have you ever had programs that just will not uninstall in your computer from Control panel and remove programs? Has there ever been a form of error message?

Greetings and welcome to a

(TONS) of

information site that can help you, your family and everything you do on the internet.

But please this is for personal computers only

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Antivirus *FSECURE*

Don’t stop when you find the first piece of malware. It is not uncommon for a computer that has been exploited through a security flaw to have been penetrated more than once. Also, some malware opens backdoors that facilitate the installation of software that enables use of the infected computer by remote control.

Most links on this site are going to open in a new window if you just click on them, but if you press down the ball on the mouse it will open a new Tab.

16 April 2008.  The above Link to Panda… Is your PC infected with malware? Panda Security says it is, and they’re putting their money where their mouth is. Submit to their free online scan and be found totally malware-free, and your company could bring in a cool $7,500. Or, if you’re a consumer and you clear the scan, you might win an iPod nano.’s Security Check

F-Secure Online Virus Scanner


Webroot Software Free Spy Audit

By FaceTime Security Labs, makers of the X-Cleaner Spyware Remover

eTrust Pest Scanner

Thank you for that cleaning first, this will assist you in what you really require and the stuff here are security programs this should ensure that the program functions the way it should. Also note these programs are being used from Win 98 to XP no problem but Ram is required best upgrade for your computer and not expensive. 32MBwas sometime ago for Win 98, still stable and running. 512 MB min for XP.)

Now back to where you came from…PAGE TWO is your place,

*OR* if you need more sites for an online scn try these……
kaspersky Kaspersky – Onlinescanner
A great one small file scanner
Panda Online-Scan Online-Scan (Panda Total-Scan)
ESET Online Scanner ESET Online Scanner

bitdefender Bitdefender/Online
When a threat is detected by the the BitDefender Online scanner, it will first attempt to disinfect (repair) the file, and only if it cannot be repaired, it will delete it. However, you can elect to change the secondary action from delete to “Report Only” or “Prompt for User Action”, so an infected system file is not deleted. This is the safest option to guard against false positives and system files that have been “patched” by malware. It is also the safest option if heuristics are used in detection, which they are by default.

  • The options which are checked (enabled) in the image are the BitDefender default scanning options, and they may be changed.

Windows Live OneCare Free ScanWindows Live Free Scan – PC safety scan

MicroWorld FREE AntiVirus Toolkit escan

McAfee Avert Stinger

Stinger is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system. Stinger utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed DAT files, and scan performance optimizations.*done*


But I need a short cut for me too here for all the pages. Helps me do things in the same order fopr each computer I do.

Thanks for dropping in.

God Bless you.

Updated* Security for your Personal Computer!1/5

*NEW* Security for your Personal Computer! 2/5

*NEW* Security for your Personal Computer! 3/5

*NEW* Security for your Personal Computer! 4/5

*NEW* Security for your Personal Computer! 5/5


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